Going Door to Door?

That’s why I prefer indirect word of mouth (is this even a legitimate term? :p). Friends will tell others about what I do; thus, I won’t be needed to go door-to-door. Solicitation is a tricky deal.

Door-to-door is actually the most effective method, though. It takes skill, getting used to rejection, and studying from the pros. Handing people flyers or business cards, brochures, etc isn’t effective. Most people will take them to be polite and get rid of you. You need to get in that door, and into the house. That takes confidence and observation skills for knowing when to make the move. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to get someone to invite you into their home. All you have to do is “ask.” That is, when the time is right, say something like, “why don’t we quickly pray a decade of the Rosary together, and then I’ll be on my way” while doing this, start wiping your feet, and confidently take a step forward towards the door. Most people will step to the side, and invite you in. The trick is, you HAVE to be confident.

I think I’ve sufficient confidence, to get in the door. It’s once I get the door is where I get a little flustered. At least, this was my experience when trying to sell vacuum cleaners. I’m a small, young-looking guy, who doesn’t appear threatening, from what I’ve experienced.

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