Going Extinct...the result of population control in Singapore


In short, like the great man himself, Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore is slowly dying. The government is trying desperately to boost the birth rate with generous benefits, dating services and louche advertisements. And still the birth rate falls.

In the 1960s and 70s he worried about the Population Bomb and enacted stern population control policies. He encouraged sterilisation, urged Singaporeans to “Stop At Two”, and imposed harsh financial penalties for those who didn’t. By the late 80s, the government had panicked and changed its tune to “Have Three or More (if you can afford it)”. A future prime minister was already warning Singaporeans that “passively watch[ing] ourselves going extinct” threatened national survival.

It was too late. Singaporeans had acquired a taste for shopping and small families. Now their country’s future belongs to immigrants and workers from nearby China, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore has to face the possibility of cashing in its chips.

Singapore’s woes may be of its own making but there is a lesson here for the rest of us. In a small nation, the impact of an ageing population is felt more keenly and more swiftly than in larger countries. Singapore has to face the possibility of cashing in its chips. But demographic trends are inexorable everywhere. When birthrates fall below replacement level, as they have throughout the developed world, migrants with very different cultural values replace the native-born.

Japan and most western European countries are in the same boat. I’ve seen government advertising campaigns and other measures in Japan and France in particular that are aimed at raising the birth rates, but the population remains stagnant at best.

Governments don’t solve problems, Churches do.

Just look at the country of Georgia… they are solving their birthrate problem, and the government is giving credit to who?.. the Georgian Orthodox Church and Patriarch for reversing the trends.


Hmm… it’s interesting that Singapore is 18% Christian. If only more of those Christians didn’t practice contraception I bet they wouldn’t have this problem.

Of course, Japan is around 2% Christian, so I don’t think they really have a chance. The government will never be able to reverse this problem, and the people aren’t even Christian. IE: they have no reason to have more children and stop living a materialistic, secularistic lifestyle.

They don’t have to worry about anything. Just open the floodgates of immigration to us Filipinos and we’ll take care of their population :wink:

A lot of people I knew growing up is already in Singapore living and working there.

This kind of thing was predicted in an ethnology course I took back in the mid-1980s. Specifically, back in the mid-20th century the Soviet leadership discovered that the birthrates in the Central Asian Republics (the 'Stans) were much higher than they were in the “white,” European western USSR, and if those trends continued, the Slavs would soon be outnumbered by the “Turks.” At that time, married women in the 'Stans were popping out babies at the rate of one every year or two. However, by the time I took the course, there had been another census, and surprise! as the living standard went up, the birthrate dropped.

From your article…Patriarch Ilia II came up with an astonishingly successful incentive to counteract the country’s plummeting birth rate by promising to become the godfather of all babies born into Orthodox Christian families who already have two or more children. Since he began fulfilling his promise with the mass baptisms in 2008, he has gained nearly 11,000 godchildren.

And more importantly…Government statistics indicate that the number of abortions has also declined by nearly 50 percent between 2005 and 2010.

And we will Christianize it too…:thumbsup:

Anyway, I too have friends who are working there. I know one, a classmate, who has been working there for over 10 years, but still has not been able to migrate and bring his family there…there must some government policies preventing this.

This is the dirty little story our media refuses to report on, although they can only put it off so long.
Maybe this is what our Lady meant when she mentioned the “annilation of nations” at Fatima? When I was a child we always beleived it had to do with nuclear war.
Now things are becoming much clearer…

I disagree with the article. I don’t think the family planning policies of the 1960s and 1970s had much to do with Singapore’s current situation.

A well-known feature of countries around the world is that as those counties become more prosperous, birth rates plummet. Husbands and wives want to enjoy their leisure time, and raising children is both expensive and time-demanding. Very often, couples consider two children to be the ideal, preferably one boy and one girl.

Singapore experienced this rapid growth in prosperity and drop in total fertility rate. The decline in TFR was more severe than most because Singapore is a tiny country with an extremely dense population. The place is overcrowded, so much so that the country is trying to create new islands for people to live on. Such overcrowding is an additional disincentive to having multiple children…space is at a premium, and very costly.

My personal opinion is that their extra-prosperity is the result of womens employing in productive working. That leaves out children, there is no time for them. You cant make a carrer with three, four or five 1-2 years gaps. Is not prosperity in itself, but getting it.
Even with 1-2 children, education is much thinner than how it is supposed to be, children do not spend to much quality time with their parents. Here is the point where school is very important, and the evolutionist theory in the science books, is a disaster comming.

Indeed, the drop in abortions can’t be overlooked either. In fact, I think on Fr. Z’s blog, he commented on this article, and wondered why the Archbishop of Cantebury had been given a place at the Synod of Bishops, rather than Patriarch Ilia. Clearly he’s had a lot more success in reviving Christian faith in a former Soviet Country, and he’s making a lot of progress in encouraging larger families.

Anyways, let’s be sure to keep our Orthodox brothers and sisters in our prayers. Remember, that most Orthodox countries are still struggling to come back from the long Soviet regimes they endured.

It is true that the abortion rate in Georgia dropped by 50% in a five year period. But the abortion rate is still staggeringly high.

Indeed, a 2005 survey on reproductive health in Georgia [pdf.] found that women here had on average 3.1 abortions in their lifetimes — a number that at the time earned Georgia the dubious honor of having the highest documented abortion rate in the world. (The rate in the United States today is .02.) The situation since then has improved considerably. According to a 2010 survey, Georgian women were having on average only 1.6 abortions in their lifetimes — a 48 percent decline over five years earlier.


The NYT article says that the period of decline in abortions coincided with programs to increase access to contraception. It suggests that increased availability of oral contraceptives decreased the use of abortion for contraception.

There seems to be merit to that claim. Georgia’s total fertility rate is unchanged, and is still far below replacement levels.


Parallel to Singapore is the same possibility happening to Israel.

The Jewish birth rate is less than 1%. The young adults have few siblings and their parents don’t want to lose them to battle.

The ones who still want to actively defend Israel are between the 30’s to 50 years of age. The Muslim population is about 5 births per household. Will Israel also become extinct,…not from being annihilated by militant Muslim Brotherhood, but from few births???

I think the situation in Israel is complex, because it has such a diverse population.

The total fertility rate, by demographic group is as follows:

The Jewish non-religious group of both ethnicities (Western and African/Asian)
(67 per cent-70 per cent) with TFR of 2.0-2.2

The Arab Christian population (2 per cent) with TFR of 2.6

Arab Moslems and Druze (16 per cent) with TFR of 4.0

The Jewish ultra-orthodox, and the National Orthodox
(12 per cent-15 per cent) with TFR 6.0-7.0

Israel’s overall TFR 2.9


From those figures, we can see that the secular Jewish population is having children barely at the rate of population replacement. But they currently comprise 2/3 of the population of Israel.

Muslims and Druze (an Arab ethnicity whose faith split from Islam 900 years ago) have a substantially higher birth rate, but are only 1/6 of the population.

Religious and “ultra-Orthodox” Jews comprise 1/7 of the population, but their rate of births are substantially higher than the Muslims or Druze.

So, by birth rate alone, Israel will remain a majority Jewish state well into the future. However, there will need to be adjustments in Israeli society as religious and ultra-orthodox Jews increasingly become a larger segment of the population. Such strains are already evident, but perhaps we should discuss that in a separate thread?

Thanks, Dale for providing more specific stats…and the higher birthrate of Jews correlates more with people of faith. Zionists are secular atheists.

I read that there are about 22 identities among the Jewish people themselves, this provided by Hebrew Catholic Assn in the ‘Jewish Identity’…faith always gives us hope.

Thanks, again.

What’s being overlooked in all this is the reality of food production. It’s all very well taking the Singaporeans to task about not having a high enough birth rate, but they import 90% of their food. The following link gives some indication of the problems Singapore faces in this issue.


It has a population of over 5 million with a land area of 704 square kilometres. Most of the people already live in high rise buildings, so the only solution to an increasing population would be to build more high rises, or reclaim a bit more land. But there’s a limit to the last.

And it’s population is growing.


I also note the following quote in the first link -

According to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization, global food consumption has exceeded the amount grown in six of the past 11 years.

Would opponents of population control like to tell me how unlimited population growth is going to provide a solution to this problem?

The only reason Singapore’s population is growing is because of immigration. Despite the crowded conditions and high food prices, it is an attractive place to live. If immigration were totally stopped, Singapore’s population would begin to fall.

The BBC article you cited suggests one possible solution

At the same time, analysts say that too many countries have failed to improve the efficiency of their food production and supply chains.

One study estimates that eight billion people could be fed with the amount of food wasted globally each year.

I moved from USA to Singapore, so I am here at Singapore right now. I am working for a company, and it is a nice place. We are 5% catholics, and we have strong presence in downtown, and many other areas around the island. The solution is converting to the fullness of Christianity: Catholicism.

Population control happens quite handily in a natural way, by God’s plan, rather than man’s meddling with God’s commandments to “subdue the earth” and “be fruitful and multiply”. If the population becomes so great that more people starve, then that is a tragedy, but Jesus said we would always have the poor with us. As Christians it is not our duty to tell our own culture or others that they shouldn’t have families. As Christians it is our duty to feed the poor, clothe the naked, and shelter the homeless. As Americans, it is cultural suicide to foist population control upon ourselves, and genocide to foist it upon others. It isn’t up to us.

Spreading Christianity will do much more good for the world than spreading contraception, abortion, homosexuality, and panic about global warming and climate change. In the end, we are bound to suffer here on Earth. It is our immortal souls that should concern us and spur our action.

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