Going on anti Catholic forums to debate?


Of course you can defend the faith! But be aware that thick-skin and a good understanding of Catholicism and the differences between us are in order. Be pleasant, controlled, simply stating the truth.


Thanks, @Francis


Go there to dialogue, don’t actively start a debate. However, if someone challenges you, then debate. As for me, I see enough of anti Catholic stuff here.


Perhaps that is because “the rest of us” don’t really believe in anything much and have no conviction or commitment to the truth – not in finding it, speaking it or defending it.

Zebras who just want to blend in with everyone else so as not to be spotted by the predators. Perhaps “respect” just is self-preservation because we know that knowing and speaking the truth will mean only one thing. The example is Jesus.

So being insipid and lacking power in speaking the truth is safe because it is “respectful.” :thinking:


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