Going on maternity leave- what will I do with myself all day?


I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant and I’m leaving my job at the end of this month for good. DH and I can’t survive on his income alone but we can survive on that and my maternity benefits (I get 1 year being Canadian) and then if his job situation hasn’t improved I’ll go back to work part time.
I have to leave my job early because we are moving to a different city next month. Everyone tells me that once the baby is born I won’t have time to blink let alone be bored, but I’m wondering what I will do with my days in the meantime and when the baby gets older. I’m off work with a bad cold today and despite feeling crummy I am soooo bored. My Mom went back to work when I was 4 months old cause she was bored but I think it would be painful for me to leave my baby that soon.
I’ll have about 6 weeks to kill from the time we move until I have the baby. I’m interested in learning some homemaking skills, but I’m just not sure what else I’ll do to keep from going crazy all day. Any advice?


No advice, just jealous you get to leave work so soon! I’m also 29 weeks.I get a year too but I guess I will just get that year later ( I am leaving work when I am 39 weeks pregnant!! ).

I heard about nesting and all that. You say you are moving? You will have LOTS to do! Hopefully you will have friends in the new city? You can set up the baby room, you can chat on here…

And if you live in Calgary, we can go hang out on maternity leave together :smiley:


I actually went from full-time to part-time work beginning about my second trimester. I left for good at 38 weeks. We were due Monday this week (3/31/08), and baby isn’t here yet:( .

My advice though…I did lots of research and reading. This is our firstborn, so I wanted to be as fully ready for various things as possible. I also did plenty of grocery shopping to save more money, and tried some new recipes. I didn’t exercise a lot, but I hear that taking a walk each day is also a good way to spend some time. It’s also not a bad time to get caught up on any projects you’ve been wanting to do. Also, there’s always simple window shopping at the mall. :slight_smile: And prayer time, and journaling, and calling friends/family that might be home during the day also. It’s not so fun, but doing some good housecleaning definitely helps to pass the time as well. I tend to fold laundry in the same room as our TV (currently our bedroom) and watch TV (anything decent; I hate soaps) while folding laundry.

Hope that helps a little at least!


Don’t forget to feed the freezer during the last 4-5 weeks. Double the amount you cook for dinner for 2-3 nights per week and freeze half of it. That way you will have at least 8-10 dinners frozen waiting for you. Trust me, you will thank me later. When you’re loopy from lack of sleep, having one less thing to worry about will be a blessing from yourself.

Good luck and God bless you!


I have an idea!! Become a CAF addict like some of us are!! :smiley: :wink: :shrug:


delighted with OP’s question. kind of reminds me of DD’s comment when she was in hospital with baby #1, “I can’t wait until I get home so I can get some sleep.” My prediction is boredom will be the least of your worries very shortly.

I do think your instinct to practice homemaking skills is sound. You will also have a lot to do with moving and setting up new home.


I second the freezer meals idea. In addition to dinner, try to find some breakfast and snacks to freeze. I made waffles and froze them (cheaper and better than store bought). I also made muffins for snacks - with my first, I had trouble finding time to make myself something to eat, so this was an easy way to get a healthy snack quickly.

Get a few good books from the library and read - it will be hard to find time to read a whole book after the baby comes. Others may disagree, but don’t spend too much time reading “baby” books. Much of it won’t make sense now like it will in a few months, and you’ll forget a lot of it anyway. Read about other things you enjoy or some good novels.

And, since you’re moving, take the time to get your house in order.

Good luck and blessings for a safe and healthy delivery.



I think the reading is a good idea! And I really think that decorating the baby room is good too. That is what I’m currently doing. I’m taking my time since I have another few months, I won’t have to do it all in a hurry at the end. I buy or make something here or there when I see it or think about it.

Also anything that you have around the house that you have been needing or wanting to do that might make life easier (i.e. organizing bills, closets, pantry…etc) I would take care of it now. I did this before DS came along. I got our office all straightened up because there were piles of bills and paperwork that needed to be filed and files needed to be created. I knew I wouldn’t have any time and I wanted to have all our bills straight. I also wanted a file for baby so all his doc records could be in one place. Just things like that so you don’t have to worry about it later and then have to organize with a newborn!

Good luck and hope you have fun on your time off. I’m so jealous too. I only get my 6 weeks and will hopefully be able to quit shortly after that, but I might not be able to. :frowning: Enjoy your time with your baby, it goes so fast. You won’t be bored though, you’ll enjoy every minute jsut watching him sleep and breath! God bless!


[LEFT]I’ve been on my leave since March 19th…I am loving it because I get to rest and get things done around the house…but it does get lonesome w/out the husband. :frowning: I am just thankful he’s a teacher which means he is home at least by 6pm!

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning…waiting…baking…waiting…preparing…waiting. I am definitely ready to see my baby if you can tell!


As a gift to the baby, have you considered researching your and your husband’s family tree?


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