Going rate to kill pastor: $250 (India)

Looks like it is or is getting worse in India:

Going rate to kill pastor: $250
Rewards offered for murdering Christians, destroying homes, churches

Hindu extremist groups are offering money, food and alcohol to anyone who murders Christians and destroys their homes.

The violence is nothing new in Orissa, India, where India’s Communist Party estimates that more than 500 Christians have been killed by Hindu mobs in Orissa since late August, 12 times more than official government claims of only 40 homicides.

And this part is particularly troubling

This week, Hindu extremists said they have set a deadline for the capture of Saraswati’s murderers. If the killers are not caught by Dec. 15, they promised to begin a massacre on Dec. 25, Christmas day.

lets pray for our fellow Christians.
May God grant them martyrdom.

I hope that people don’t think that all Hindus are terriorists. All of my in-laws are Hindus but they are certainly not terriorists. There is fighting in the name of religion in many parts of the world. In some areas there are even Christians against Christians.

I always thought of the Hindus has a peaceful bunch. There are fanatics in every religion.

That’s one third of a years salary for common folk there.
Unbelievable.I’m praying for them and our brethren in China.

The tractor disposal of over 200 christian corpses, you can read the communist report in their official organ in this link which states that in their view over 500 christians have been slaughtered
Possibly the lower death toll of the goivernment (less than 50 though they do not dispute that 50000 christians have been displaced) reveal twin aims involved the first being to reduce the compensation for death to the survivors and to underplay the tragedy. Already the government is making an effort to re-term the religious violence as an ethnic conflict to muddy up the waters.
Please pray for these people.
God bless

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