Going Through a Rough Time


I’m going through a rough time. So if you all would please pray for me, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.


Praying for you, Holly!


Praying, hon.


Thanks to both of you. :slight_smile:


Any time!:slight_smile:

  • in prayer *


Thank you phoenix. :slight_smile:


I am praying for you as well. The Lord answers all prayers in His time and in the way that He sees fit. Know that He is ever at your side.:wink:


Praying for you in this rough patch and always.


You are in my prayer, Holly3278.


Praying for Holly3278.

May your fears and anxieties during this rough time be comforted and consoled by God’s love and understanding. May peace come to you soon and heal your troubled heart and mind. May you always feel the warm embrace of His love and mercy. We pray for you and yours. Amen.


These are the hardest times to trust in the Lord’s plan, where the end results truly are the greatest good. I just invoked the Holy Spirit with a solemn prayer to help you through this challenging time. SKDB


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