Going to a bar with a psychic

I go to this bar sometimes to do karaoke. It is Thurday nights. That same night they have a psychic doing readings downstairs. I only go for the karaoke and don’t have any readings done. I’ve never even seen the psychic. Is it a sin to patronize the bar due to a psychic being there, even if I don’t get a reading? Thanks.

What makes you think it is?

Anthony, if you never go to the psychic, you are not sinning in that regard.
Think of the psychic’s presence as you would think of a temptation that you don’t succumb to.
If you don’t give into a temptation, you aren’t sinning due to it.
You don’t go to the bar to be tempted by this person, nor do you succumb, so you don’t sin in that way.

However, You can turn the situation into a positive, by a little prayer that God will in time convert the psychic, and that God will protect and claim those who do consult the psychic.

God bless you,

Kindly, Trishie

If any money I paid for drinks would go to the psychic. Actually, it would more likely be that any money the psychic makes, a portion would go to the bar. I guess I’m being overly scrupulous.

Thanks Trishie for the comments. They are helpful. I will pray for the psychic that they are converted. I was being over scrupulous worrying about this. That is a problem I have.

What about going to a Chinese food restaurant that gives out fortunes cookies, or a gift shop that sells rabbit’s feet, or a newspaper that has a horoscope in it? At some point, your cooperation is fairly remote, and therefore you are not culpable. As long as you are not patronizing the psychic downstairs, you are not responsible.

There may be evil spirits there as a result and since you’re not ignorant to it, it may have an affect on your soul

Did you hear about the impoverished psychic?

He’s not making much of a prophet.


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