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I am moving into the city and depend on the bus. Saturdays from 4-4:45 pm is absolution. At 5 PM the vigil starts. At 5:30 the last buses leave in my town. I have time to go to confession but then I would have to leave and attend Mass on Mondays and Fridays. Is it ok to go to absolution then leave to catch the bus? If I took the bus and got off at a restaurant close to me before I walked home would I be sinning because of going somewhere else and not fulfilling my obligation Mass?



We have an obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation (or their respective vigils) if we are are able to. If you are unable to attend Mass because you lack transportation, the best option would be to contact the pastor of your parish and ask for his help. He may be able to arrange transportation home from the 5pm vigil Mass for you.

You are not asked to do the impossible, or the unsafe. Masses on Mondays and Fridays, although meritous, do not fulfull your obligation. But if you have no way to get home from Sunday Mass you are not obliged to attend. There is no sin in leaving after confession to make your bus (btw, absolution is part of the sacrament of confession or penance).

I would try to explore other options before giving up on Sunday Mass entirely. Are there any 4pm vigil Masses in your city, for example? Could you take a taxi home? Is there a friend or family member who could give you a lift? Is there a subway system that leaves later? Just things to explore.

Good luck with your move.


Great advice above.
The best thing is to contact your pastor and discuss this with him. He has a far better grasp on the particulars of your area and you and he can go over possible options.



So I wouldn’t need to be dispensed of my obligation? When is it a right time for that btw?


You need to speak to your own pastor about that.

The pastor of the place where you live (but not the place where you do not live) can dispense you from the Sunday obligation, but only on a limited basis (not “every Sunday”).

Since you say that you are “moving” it sounds like this might be a temporary situation (not that you “did move.”)

If Mass is impossible for you, then you don’t need a dispensation.

If Mass is difficult (but not to the level of impossible) then a dispensation might be appropriate.

You need to speak with the pastor of the parish where you actually live and he can help you.


Are there no busses on Sunday? If there are, could you go to Confession on Saturday evening and Mass on Sunday morning?


No I thought I mentioned that in my original post but I guess I didn’t. No the busses don’t run at all on Sundays or there would be no problem.


In my parish, in Lindsay, Ontario, a small, rural town, there are a number of volunteers who pick up people to bring them to mass, their phone numbers are in the bulletin every week. Perhaps you could call your parish’s office, and see if there’s anyone there who does the same thing, or maybe they could help make arrangements for you. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, so they say.


I will try. A former priest I had said he knew of no-one that did this at my parish but things might have changed since then.


If there isn’t someone specific who already does provide a service, when you contact the parish office, see if you can get the contact info for the parish’s CWL and/or Knights of Columbus leaders - I’d wager one of their members would be more than happy to give you a ride to mass.


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