Going to an Anglican use parish next weekend

Going to be taking a weekend trip and the closest Catholic parish is Anglican use. I could go to another parish but I’m interested in seeing it so I’m going. Am I going to be totally lost or what?

Any resources where I can see the rite and kind of be prepared so I dont look like I’m lost?

Which parish are you going to? All the Anglican Use parishes use Rite I of the BDW, except for St. Mary the Virgin in Arlington, TX. It uses Rite II which is really an adaptation of the NO.

I believe the Pastor uses this Rite because he is from England and in England Anglo Catholics use the NO. The early Mass in the AU Mass.

Once the Ordinariates are established and the new liturgy is completed I hope they will remove Rite II and also change the existing Rite I to be closer to the Anglican Missal. Rome added parts of the NO or if you like 1979 BCP, they are just some of the short responses, but in some ways harm the flow of the Anglican Use liturgy.

Hopefully you will be attending Our Lady of the Atonement in San Antonio. They will either have prayer books or some type of written form to follow.

Since I haven’t really attended one I can’t say if each one follows all the same traditions.

At. OLA when the crucifix goes by all kneel, maybe at others people just bow their heads. In Rite I you will be kneeling most of the time, except for the Gloria and Creed.
From the video it appears they bow their heads at the name of Jesus and I think of Mary. They also genuflect at the Incarnation in the Creed.

Please let us know how it went.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


If you haven’t already seen it, this link might be helpful.

I forgot to mention if you go online to Our Lady of the Atonement, you can click on the written form of the liturgy and can also watch the full video of the Mass done at that parish.

Hope this helps.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


It’s a little known fact, but a bow of the head is also required at certain points in the OF Mass:

[quote=“General Instructions on the Roman Missal”]275. A bow signifies reverence and honor shown to the persons themselves or to the signs that represent them. There are two kinds of bows: a bow of the head and a bow of the body.

  1. A bow of the head is made when the three Divine Persons are named together and at the names of Jesus, of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and of the Saint in whose honor Mass is being celebrated.

I do bow during these times and also when the crucifix goes by and the priest when he is processing and recessing during the OF Mass. There might be one or two others who also do this, but I haven’t noticed.

Since I am a former Anglo Catholic, it is just natural for me I guess to do this.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


I’m going to St. Mary the Virgin in Arlington.

Going to a baseball game on Saturday night and I’m going to hit the 8am mass on Sunday morning.

texasag7599, have I told you lately how jealous I am? Oh, no, silly me, I’ve never spoken to you before. But I am still TOTALLY jealous!


It will probably be a low Mass, but at least it should be using Rite I. I hope in the future that the High Mass will be the later Mass and using Rite I.

I went there several years ago. One thing that surprised me (and even moreso the non-Catholic friend I was visiting) was the length. If I recall, the entire mass clocked in at ~2 hours, 15 minutes.

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