Going to church


I have a quick question.
If i dont go to church on a sunday and go another day, is that ok?
Its not a constant thing I do, it will just be a one off.
Is this ok
Thanks for your input


You are obligated to go assist at the Mass on Sundays, unless you have a VERY GOOD* reason not to do so. Just not going to Mass on Sunday without one of those valid excuses is a mortal sin, and puts your soul in jeopardy.

*Such as being sick, caring for someone in need (sick, infant, etc.), or being somewhere the Mass is not offered.


Its just that im physically and mentally exhausted and have to drive into the city to get to mass, i dont want to put anyone at danger just incase i fall asleep behind the wheel…


If you don’t have any other way to get to Mass, and you feel that you would be a danger to others on the road, then by all means you would be excused from your Sunday Obligation. However, you should look at your life, and correct the things that put you in a position of being so mentally and physically exhausted not to assist at the Mass!


Hmmm … dolphin, is there any way you could get to a Saturday afternoon Mass? Or maybe an early one on Sunday before you get tired? :hmmm:

And if you go to Mass in the city have you looked into St Patrick’s in Circular Quay? Masses every hour on the hour from 7 am through to noon, from 3pm to 6 pm and a late mass at 8pm - hopefully the later ones might give you a chance to get some sleep first :wink:

Or else take public transport if possible, then you’re not endangering anyone.


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