Going to confession as an ex-protestant


I am a validly baptized ex-protestant who has to wait to convert to the Faith through RCIA due to issues regarding my parents. Anyway moving on, can I go to confession? I have a few mortal sins in my past and they have been weighing on my soul and have made me concerned about my eternal fate, if I cannot go to confession what should I do?


In the meantime, you can try to make an act of perfect contrition. (That is, sorrow for your sins because they offended God, as opposed to fear of hell.) Part of that would involve intending to confess when possible, which I’m guessing you already intend on. You’ll be able to ask the director of RCIA and the priest for more guidance,


Confess your sins directly to God, you are already doing this, right? Have you been able to talk with a priest yet, or are you waiting until the issues with your parents are resolved? A priest could at least advise you, and once you are in RCIA, you will be able to ask your Catechists.


That is up to your Catholic pastor.

And since your parents do not want you becoming Catholic, that likely includes confession. Obey your parents.

You can make a sincere act of contrition. God knows your heart.


Speak to your priest about this. I know that provisions exist to allow people in RCIA to go to confession, but I’m not sure how that applies to people who are planning to enter RCIA.

Obviously if you should find yourself in danger of death then you can confess without restriction.


When you were Baptized all sins were washed away. Not sure from your note when the baptism occurred.


Make an act of contrition, resolve to sin no more and to go to confession ASAP. Confession is only for Catholics, though. It is also called the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which is reconciliation to God and also the Church. How can one who is not part of the Church to begin with be reconciled to the Church?


Isn’t confession open to any baptized Christian?


No. At least, I’ve only ever heard / read that it was only for actual Catholics.


Oh, you’re right. It is only for Catholics.


The first thing I would do if I were you is talk to your priest, which has been echoed already by others.

I received my first confession a month or two before my confirmation, but I was near the end of the RCIA process by this point. It sounds like you haven’t even entered RCIA yet.

In the meantime, confess to God and make an act of contrition. Though you may not yet have access to the sacrament of reconciliation, trust in the mercy of God.


I was 3 so a while ago :grin:


For a sin to be be mortal you have to know that the action or thought is grave and then completey consent to it otherwise it is a venial sin or venial with grave matter.

Obey your parents and honor them.

Offer sacrifices of penance and reparation for your sins.

You can do this through prayer, fasting from food or other activities, and charitable acts.


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