Going to confession for the first time in years


Simply put, over the time I haven’t been to confession, I’ve racked up some embarrasing sins that I’m afraid of confessing. I want to speak to my school priest and ask to arrange a confession session, but I’m worried about him judging me for what I have to confess. He’s such a great person and he always asks me how I am when he sees me, but I don’t want him to think of me any differently for what I have to confess as I honestly, genuinely want forgiveness.

However, I know that I have to tell him all my sins, no matter what they are so I can receive forgiveness. Does anyone have any ideas how I can overcome the fear of telling him everything?


Last thing you need to worry about. Priests are professionals, they’ve seen it all and heard it all. Nothing you could possibly say will shake him in the least. Even if you confess to kidnapping the Lindbergh baby and framing Hauptmann, he won’t be fazed.


Sometimes that’s the best thing about the embarrassing stuff— it keeps you from doing it again, so that you don’t have to confess it twice! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your progress and coming back to Confession.

I have doubts that you could ever shock your priest. :slight_smile: So just mentally categorize it as “really, really embarrassing popcorn” that’s separating you from God. :slight_smile:


Do you think that this priest doesn’t know that you sin? Unless your name is Jesus or Mary- or you’re under the age of reason- you’ve sinned, and he knows this. If you believe that he’ll think any less of you because of your sins, just consider how much more he’ll think of you for confessing them.


Go to a priest behind the screen. I don’t like to go to a priest I know well face to face.
That is just being human. By all means do ASAP.


Guess I should’ve clarified that the school doesn’t have a confessional box or screen. It is, unfortuantely, face to face.


If it gets you to confession go somewhere where you’re not known.


@Humanum , I don’t think the priest will think any less of you . On the contrary , you will grow in his estimation . He will admire you for your courage and sincerity in confessing .


Why not just go to another parish? I believe all Catholics have the right to confess behind a screen if they prefer that.


This is what helps me, I always have the fear that the priest will judge me (I know they’re bound by the seal but it’s still a fear I still have) and thus I always go to a different priest that I do not know (or atlas not know well) for confessions.


It could be he asks you how you are doing because he hasn’t seen you in confession. Have courage and just go.

Also, remember there are ways of saying things without saying them. We don’t need to go into detail.


He has listened to more Confession than you would think. He would be more surprised if you do not have any major sins after a long absence from Confession. So, no worries. He would not think of you any less. It would be a routine Confession for him to hear from you. However, one thing for sure, as a priest he would be very glad that you make that Confession and come back to God.


What helps me is to think God already knows our sins. When we confess it’s not to our confessors but to God. It has been my experience in conversations with different priests that they really don’t hold onto what they hear about in confession unless it is mentioned outside of confession, perhaps because they hear/see so many different people.

However, if you would feel more comfortable with anonymity, a good suggestion is to go to another parrish.


You can always confess to another priest.


Put the chairs so they are back to back. :grinning:

The questions to ask yourself is: “Do I believe, that the will of this priest is to help me to become a saint?” and “Do I really want to be a saint?”

After speaking to other converts to the Catholic faith, I say that preparing for our first Confession was much worse than actually confessing. Some of us had 20, 30, 40, 50 and even 60 years of sins to confess. When finally going to confession you have sort of reconciled with being a sinner in need of forgiveness.


Find a priest you don’t know, ideally for confession behind a screen, and go to him. I share your concerns at sullying your relations with him. Not because of him, but because of your approach to him afterwards. Your confession could be in the back of your head when you relate to him in future. If you can’t do that, however, just go to him, be direct and quick, and receive absolution. The opinion of a mortal is irrelevant compared to the eternal fate of your soul. Confession- with the eucharist- is the most wonderful thing in the world. God Bless!


You can do it.


Your priest won’t judge you for what you tell him in confession, I promise you that. But you could simply tell him it’s been a long time and ask if he could help you through it. He’d probably go through the Commandments then, and you could go from there, say “yes” when something applies to you, you don’t need to go into details.


You might want to remember that the most often phrase spoken by Jesus was “Fear not” or “Do not be afraid”. You might want to concentrate on that in approaching confession, realizing that it is Jesus who wants you to come to reconciliation and unburden yourself of the weight of the pain and guilt you feel over your past actions. Remember Christ’s words, “come to me all you who are burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you rest,”
Thoughts (and prayers incorporating that thought) might just make your approaching confession, a lot easier.


Go, go soon and be free of your sins.

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