Going to confession in another city


Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. I am going out of town this weekend and need to go to confession. Can I go to confession at another Parrish in another city 500 miles away?


Of course.


it that an estimated distance?


Of course you may. I have gone to confession at another parish in my own city because the confession times available worked better with my schedule. God’s love is available in every parish. :slight_smile:


In fact, you can even go to confession in another country, even if you don’t speak the language very well.


that’s exactly what I need to know.


I was planning to go in France last year, but in the end, I just had to refrain from taking communion. I can get by in some situations in French and probably would have managed to make myself understood, with a little help, but I never got an opportunity. :shrug:


The faithful are never limited as to where they may receive the Sacraments. It is only priests who are limited as to where they may dispense the Sacraments. For example, a priest from New Jersey who goes to Florida (or even to Pennsylvania) for his sister’s wedding must obtain the local bishop’s approval before he is permitted to offer Mass or hear confessions, since he is outside of his own diocese. But that sister, when visiting her brother in New Jersey, may attend Mass and go to confession freely at her brother’s parish or any other.


Thank you for the feedback. Are you by chance a convert?


I was overjoyed with the knowledge that I could confess to someone who didn’t speak my language.


Well, sort of. I’m what is usually termed a “re-vert,” in that I returned to the Church after a very long time away. I was baptized a Catholic and received my 1st Communion, but never made it to confirmation. :blush: My parents were both converts; my mother extremely devout, my father less so. When she died, he fell away and so did my sister and I. :frowning: I came back when I got pregnant with my 1st son.


Oh. :smiley: Well, according to the knowledgeable forum members of CAF, you could actually confess in your own language and the absolution would still be valid. For my own scrupulosity, I needed to know that the priest had understood my sins.


Confession isn’t spiritual direction.


I never said it was.


Why is it relevant whether the priest speaks the same language as you?


I didn’t say it was relevant.


Yes, the Catholic Church is the Universal Church.

Have you ever though about going to confession in an Eastern Catholic Church and then going to Mass in a Latin rite Church?


Then don’t make irrelevant comments.


Oh, the irony. :rolleyes:


I am fully aware. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

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