Going to finally have that talk with my athiest mom...need all the prayers I can get!


In a little less than two weeks I will be traveling to NC to help my mom do an estate sale for my grandma who is moving to a retirement community in AZ. My mom and her husband do not practice any faith that I am aware of. He has been marginally Buddhist in the past, but neither of them would ever consider themselves Christian. They feel very brow beaten by the Bible Beaters they encounter in the small NC town they live in, so are very anti-Christian. They are, however, very respectful of my Catholicism, which I get from my dad’s side of the family.

So anyway - while I’m there I’m going to finally have the big talk with them that they need to consider the eternal state of their souls, and that I am very worried that they may never end up in heaven.

Please pray for me, and for all of us. My mom does tend to lock me out when I start to talk about religion, I can even feel her body tense over the phone if it ever comes up. I will need all the help I can get. These are very good people - but they just don’t get it that there really is more to it than only that.

Thanks to All,



Prayers for you - and your mother and her husband :crossrc:


Prayers for your family Liza. Have you heard of the green scapular? You might want to have one blessed and place it somewhere in your mom’s room. I’d slit a small hole in the mattress and slip it in there. Then make sure to pray every day for her, “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death,” and most importantly, have faith in the power of Our Lady’s intercession. The green scapular is a gift from her for the purpose of conversions.


Oh my - I could never destroy her property to do such a thing, but I will consider leaving it somewhere else in her room, perhaps tucked in the back of her dresser somewhere. That is a good idea to get the scapular though.

Thank you both for your prayers - it’s getting closer and starting to keep me up at night. Please pray that the Holy Spirit gives me the right words to say that won’t turn them away completely.



Dear God, :heaven:
please Give Liza the grace to speak in your Spirit, the words only Jesus would speak. In loving kindness, let her gaze, her thoughts, and her intentions flow with your gentleness -
Dear Holy Spirit,:harp:
as your words flow through Liza’a lips, may they bring light and joy to her mum. May her mum’s heart be open to receive your message.
Dear Jesus, :getholy:
Please allow Liza’s mum to experience Your Presence through her daughter’s love, caring actions, and thoughtful words.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit we pray - Amen!


The green Scapular is a wonderful idea, please Lord, pour Your Spirit into the soul of this lady so that through your own gift, a conversion can be made for the good of all souls


You’re going to finally have the prayers to do it, as well. BTW, my 88 year old mother was baptized and received into the church October 31st, 2006. Her incessant complaints about aging STOPPED. She was at peace. The Lord called her home this past March, a quick story of God’s grace!

Christ’s peace to you and your mom. Her heart will recognize the faith, hope and love with which you approach her. And, the greatest is love.


Father, we adore Three, we praise Thee, we bless Thee.
Glorify Thy Name in all the Earth.

Please allow Your child Lizaanne the privilege of bringing Your Son to her mother and stepfather.

We ask this in the name of Your Son Jesus, to Whom be given all praise in this world and the next.
Amen. :signofcross:




Praying for you and for their conversion.


Oh my - thank you all for all your wonderful prayers, you have me in tears!! I’m just so scared to do this - it has always been the taboo subject with us.

Thanks again -



My sister too would exhibit behavior like this in the past when we talked religion…but guess what? Through prayer and my gentle nudging here and there–she has come back to loving Christ, and going to Church. (albeit a Methodist Church but at least it’s a move in the right direction) To have a relationship with Christ…

Think of yourself as planting seeds…and let God worry about the harvest from your planting. I will pray that you will have the courage to plant those very necessary seeds!!

Your mom raised a great person.:hug1:


My prayers are with you. Don’t get discouraged and pray to the Holy Spirit for the grace and inspiration to persevere.


Praying for you and your family…


Will keep your intentions in prayer…


In the Living Prayer of my life


Praying for them




My younger daughter and one of my cousins are in similar circumstances. When praying the Rosary, Our Mother has asked us to pray the first three Hail Marys for “those who do not yet know Jesus.” It’s working for my daughter!


Well - today is the day. My flight leaves at 5:30pm. I hope to have the talk with them in the next couple of days. I’m scared to death. Scared that they won’t listen, scared they won’t care, and scared they won’t speak to me again afterward.

Thanks again for all your prayers - they mean more than you could possibly know.

I’ll be back on Sunday.


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