Going to finally have that talk with my athiest mom...need all the prayers I can get!


Praying for you.


Draw upon your FAITH and TRUST in the lord. I had to do this last Friday, and was rewarded. Go without fear, for faith replaces fear. You are judged on whether or not you present the Gospel to them. They will be judged on whether or not they open their hearts to the truth. Honor them, as you are commanded to do. The love that Christ reveals through you will speak directly to their hearts.Call upon the Holy Spirit to teach you what to say, and when to say it. You will be fine. Saint Monica prayed for 20+ years and a sinful son became a Saint.

Christ’s PEACE.


Thank you - I really needed to hear that today.

I’m here now in NC - but we probably won’t be able to have “the talk” tonight. Her husband won’t be home till after 9pm, and we are so exhausted from working on getting ready for the estate sale all day in this HEAT which is just not normal. Will plan for tomorrow night, we should be more relaxed then, and not so tired and rushed.

Praying to the Holy Spirit constantly on this one. Please give me courage, wisdom, and patience.



Prayers for you Lizaanne :crossrc:


Praying for your family now!! I don’t know if it is the right thing to do since I have just become Catholic…but…I’ve been sprinkling my husbands side of the bed with Holy Water and I’ve even been known to drop a little in his coffee when he is in an ill mood… Can’t hurt!!




Well - as the Holy Spirit would have it, we actually did have “the talk” that night. It didn’t go very well, and I keep apologizing to God for not doing better. I’ll be able to give more detail when I return next week (I’m still here in NC) - but let’s just say that my mom still thinks that she’s right, and her husband just left the room when we started the conversation.

I can only continue to pray that I may have planted a tiny seed in her. It is my only hope. :frowning:

Thank you again to all of you!!! Your prayers are what have helped me through the conversation - as dismal as it was.

More on Monday…



Anything you said could have planted a seed in your Mom. I’m praying for her tonight. Don’t try to second guess what you said. It is done. Now wait, maybe she will have questions for you.

God may the seed in this woman grow and hunger for more about you. Give her child the perfect words and the strength to know when to walk away. Lift the burden off of this person.


My prayers are certainly with you, my dear! My mum’s own religion is a rather odd blend of Christianity and weird psychic medium… stuff, so at some point I have to have the same chat with her - I wait with interest to hear how your chat goes.

God bless!


Well, you spoke the truth with charity and God saw that. Turns out that some bad ideas (atheism), like demons, are cast out only through prayer. Many times we think we can talk someone into a change of heart. Let God take over. They cannot resist Him! Spend some quality knee time.

Christ’s peace.


Thanks to all of you! I’m back home now, and still trying to recover from working my butt off in the NC heat all week.

Well - the long and short of it is that she believes we are all just a mistake in the universe. She think that if there is such a thing as Heaven that she is a good person and will end up there because of that. I tried to tell her there is more to it than that.

Without trying to recount a two hour conversation and bore you to death, suffice it to say that we touched on the Crucifixion, the Trinity, Eucharist, Original Sin, Confession, where do you get your hope if you are just a mistake in the universe, and God only remembers what else we covered. I can only pray that I planted a seed, though her husband who is a kinda-sorta Buddhist, will probably un-do anything I tried to do. :frowning:

Thank you again for all your prayers - I will continue to always pray for her, and the green scapular under her livingroom rug can’t hurt either. :wink:



God bless you for trying. That and more prayer are all you can do. Hopefully you DID plant a seed!


You got it…you and your mother are in my prayers.

God bless,


The seeds that are planted in the name of Jesus cannot be un-done by her husband nor any other person. God’s power cannot be defeated. I pray that you will see a great return on your investment of time and effort to bring your mother to the light. Jesus, touch the mind and heart of this mom and bring her into your light. Heal the heart of her daughter and give her peace about her mother… In Jesus name I pray…Amen.




Keeping in prayer…


Still praying. God love you!


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