Going to mass if you works shifts

I’m an EMT student, right now, I’ve had the ability to go to mass basically every week of my life.

But when I get employed as an EMT, I’ll be on shifts. So, what happens if I miss mass because of that?

Do I need to ask for an exemption if I know I’ll be unable to go to mass?

If I get off of several shifts in a row and I’m really tired, but maybe can make mass if I rush over there, am I obligated to?

Can someone shed some light on this?

You are not required to go to Mass if you are at work, God does not demand the impossible :slight_smile:

If you get off work “several shifts”, and you are really tired, are you safe to drive? That is a prudential decision, and if you have real doubts ask your Pastor. He can dispense you he sees the need to.

And as I tell all EMTs, learn about LVADS :slight_smile:


LVADs, I don’t know how common they are. Usually buy time for terminal things or people who awaiting transport, as I understand them.

My husband goes and trains EMTs about LVADS. They are becoming more and more used, and they can last 10 years or more :slight_smile:

Then you miss mass.

No. If you are unable to attend mass, you do not have an obligation. You do not need to ask for a dispensation.


Your priest can help you form your conscience on this matter.

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I can shed some light on this, having worked shifts for three decades plus. The catechism allows for the missing of Mass due to work. Now in many cases, there are enough Mass times to accommodate every schedule, sort of. I discussed my situation with my own pastor. He dispensed me permanently, after I explained that while I could go to Mass in between work shifts, that I get physically ill if I start messing with my sleep rhythms that much. This has become an issue as I get older. When I was younger, I usually could switch around my sleep without problems. So I decided a dispensation was the easiest and surest path.

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