Going to Mass on Saturday vs. going on Sunday

Hi! So this week for the second time I went to Mass on Saturday instead of Sunday. It was an evening Mass, so it does count towards my Sunday obligation. However, my question is, if there’s no particular reason why you can’t make it to Mass on Sunday, is it still okay to go to Mass on Saturday instead?

Thanks in advance!

yes, as has been discussed a dozen times on these forums, in the liturgy and sacrament forum, which is where we discuss issues related to the Mass. a search will no doubt yield threads with documentation if you need it.

You can read this up in CIC 1248, first paragraph

I try to go on Sat. because of my work schedule, it is possible for me to go on Sun. but I’d be very tired. If the Church allows it its good enough for me.

Thank you all for your input!

Yep, the readings are the same and it fulfills your obligation. Enjoy it.

Hey, here’s a related question! If I went on Saturday, can I go once or twice more on Sunday, since there is an upper limit of twice per day?

You can go to a dozen Masses every day if you want to - and if a dozen are offered in your area.

What you can’t do is receive Communion at more than two of those Masses on any given day. That’s the only kind of upper limit there is.

You don’t have to receive Communion at every Mass you go to, of course, and you’re obliged to go every Sunday whether or not you choose to (or are able to) receive Communion.

Sorry I wasn’t clear, LilyM, that’s what I meant. Can you receive once on Saturday, and then once or twice more on Sunday? Just curious.

My apologies. Yes you can. For the restriction on receiving communion, the word ‘day’ is used in its ordinary sense - midnight to midnight. So yes, you can receive twice on Saturday and twice again on Sunday.

Just remember that the SECOND time on any day must be at a Mass rather than a communion service or at someone’s home where Communion is distributed by an EMHC or any other situation.

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