Going to Mass Tomorrow Morning


I initially posted this over in the prayers section but was advised to post it over here as well. Thank you all for reading this and responding in advance.


I’m a former protestant. I have went to Mass in the past but returning full time to the church tomorrow morning at St. Anthony’s of Padua here in Fresno, California. I would just like for you all to pray for me and also if you have any tips, I would very much appreciate it. Still trying to learn all the meanings behind what happens at Mass. So far, I understand genuflecting. I guess that’s a good start. What brought me back to the church was John 6. I thought at one point years back I was going to be Catholic. Not sure what pulled me away. I attended RCIA a few times but had to return to work. I work nights so typical RCIA schedules aren’t good for me currently. Hopefully, after talking to the priest, there will be some alternatives available starting next fall. In the meantime, I will continue to learn and go to Mass every week. Even got my Catholic Answer Bible a couple days ago. Glad to be here. If anybody has any other questions about me, feel free to ask away. God bless you all and I love this site.



God bless you also @CurtisHouse as you embark on another phase of your faith journey , a journey where we never arrive . :smile:


Offering my prayers for you. Welcome Home!


Thank you very much! They are definitely appreciated. Seems quite appropriate that I’m returning home to St Anthony’s of Padua. He is the Patron Saint of lost things after all :slight_smile:


Not to be snarky Rob2, because I always respect your input:
but we should believe that,one day we will arrive at the destination of our journey; otherwiser the theological virtues of Faith and Hope are for naught.


You aren’t being snarky @FOG .

Even in Heaven we have not arrived at our destination understood as the terminus .

God is infinite , and so the glorious journey will go on and on and on ad infinitum .


DEFINITELY praying for you.




“The next time you are at Mass, watch the priest’s gestures closely. Anytime he offers prayers on behalf of the faithful, he uses the Orans Posture. Anytime he is offering other prayers, his hands are folded together. Having a better understanding of what particular gestures mean will lead to a better understanding of the Liturgy.”


Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, God bless!

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