Going to meet Msgr. Schmitz

Its official, in late September I’m going to Chicago to meet Monsignor Schmitz, Vicar General of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, in order to discuss a vocation with the Institute. I am already quite anxious about this trip (don’t think I’m weird or obsessive or anything for being excited about something over a month away- I rarely travel outside of my little, rather boring, city, and this meeting could determine my future).

Some people look up to world leaders or academics, others to great doctors or celebrities- I look up to great priests, and Msgr. Schmitz is one of them. He is extremely intelligent, an impressive preacher and a holy priest. I’ve enjoyed reading his works (the few that are in English) and listening to recordings of his talks, and now I’ll be able to meet him in person.

Since I am also currently beginning a re-organization of my spiritual life and daily routine (I’ve been far too disorganized and random lately; thankfully I have good spiritual director to knock some sense into me ;)), I would like to commend myself to your prayers. Please pray that I am able to get myself a little bit more organized and that my meeting with Monsignor goes well. :slight_smile:

Wow, that is exciting for so many reasons!

You are definitely in my prayers.:crossrc: May God’s will for you be done! :slight_smile:

No wonder you are excited–I’m praying that this wonderful opportunity turns out to be God’s Will for you… :gopray2:

I’ll pray for you and your journey.

God’s will be done.



Laudater Jesus Christo

Instaurare omnia in Christo

This is awesome, And I hope God is calling you to the ICRSS they are great people

I have met Msgr. Schmitz most recently at the June Ordinations and the Homily he gave at the first mass’ was just stunning.

You will have a great time

St. Christopher Help your travel

Our prayers coming for you!

God bless you Caesar!

It’s great to hear you are going to the American Priory. I went a few months ago and got to meet him and am supposed to return sometime in September. Monsignor is a wonderful person and priest. You mentioned his intelligence, that is so true. You can see it when you talk to him, but he doesn’t appear to know how smart he is, which is something special. He is great to talk to and cares for everyone, whether in or outside of the Institute.

The second I walked into the Priory, as I have said in CAF before, I knew I was home, I hope you feel that way too.

My Prayers are with you,

Congratulations Jonathon! More prayers for your vocation coming your way! :gopray2:

You have been blessed, and may the Good Lord bless you all the more. You’re in my prayers Jon.


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