Going to my first Catholic funereal in 3 hours and need advice

Hello, I hope this is the appropriate place to post this. If not, please feel free to move it.
So, I am a convert and I am going to my first Catholic funereal since being diagnosed with Celiac disease. I have only been to one or two previously and I am not sure (for some reason I can’t remember) if they give communion at funerals. Can anyone tell me? Is it done at all of them or just some of them? I am sorry this sounds so stupid. But, I am panicking a bit about it this morning. Having to talk to the priest about low gluten hosts before mass has created some anxiety for me. Thank you for your help and God Bless!!

If there is a funeral Mass there will be Communion. All the Catholic funerals I have been to have had a funeral Mass.

Yes, funeral Masses do have Communion.

You are not obligated to receive, though.

All masses have communion. The funeral mass is a mass, therefore it will have communion.

You do not have to go up for communion. If this is not your regular parish, they may not have low gluten hosts. Our parish does not have such hosts. If you do not have an opportunity to talk to the priest, or if the parish does not have low gluten hosts, simply remain in your pew at communion. Catholics are not obligated to receive communion at every mass they attend. There are often good reasons to refrain.

I would abstain from Communion in this case then. Remember, you are only *obligated *to receive Communion once a year, at Easter.:thumbsup:

(That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t receive it as often as we are able, of course :rolleyes:)

Thank you all so very much!!! I feel so much better now!! God bless you all!

You can receive the Precious Blood in lieu of the host. Christ is fully present in both.:wink: Welcome home Dolly.

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