Going to my first Latin High/Low Mass

First what should I expect between the two, and for my first time, does it matter which one I go to first? I’m very excited, and after this I want to go to an Eastern Catholic Rite Mass as well. But please any input would be great! :thumbsup:

I assume you mean the Extraordinary Form, as the Pauline Mass can be celebrated entirely in Latin.

Eastern Catholics do not use the term “Mass” but Divine Liturgy or (especially in the Syriac tradition) Qorbono.

I have been recommending the www.Sanctamissa.org/en website very often lately. You can view both low and High Masses with the online videos.

Good for starters. Have a great Mass and be sure to give thanks to God for it.

Yes, in the Syriac churches it’s properly qourbono (or qourobo or raza, or qurbana, etc., depending on which Particular Church). In general, though, when speaking in other languages, most (and I understand that this is true among the Copts and Armenians as well) have no problem using the Latin term (Mass in English, or messe in French, etc). If we’re going to use a “foreign” term, it makes little difference if it’s a Latin term or a Byzantine term. For a variety of reasons, I personally prefer the Latin one.

Enjoy! :thumbsup: It will be a wonderful, experience for you I’m sure. Both the Low and High Mass are beautiful. I personally have a soft spot for the High Mass. :highprayer:

Yes, Sancta Missa is a very good resource for learning the Extraordinary Form.

I highly recommend it!:thumbsup:

is really,thanks, i will have a try

Good for you! The Extraordinary form is the best, and PS- the Eastern 22 churches use greek for them sot part, that’s the main difference between east and west.

How exciting! Please tell us about your impressions afterwards.

Good for you! I hope you continue to go! I like Low Mass because it’s so much more quiet, but High Mass is awesome too because of the beautiful music. Of course, the best, in my opinion is the Solemn High Mass with Priest, Deacon, and Sub-deacon! :smiley:

I would suggest going to a Solemn High Mass first, it gives a good introduction to the beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass, the processions, deacon and subdeacon, solemn chants, incense, more candles etc. make for a far more solemn and in my oppinion and more beautiful liturgy. (If you can’t find a Solemn High Mass then a Missa Cantata will do, it’s basically the same but without the deacon and subdeacon)

I’ve heard people say the Low Mass is better for a first time becase it’s easier to follow in the missal but I would contend that following everything in the missal is not really what you want to be doing at Holy Mass anyway.

Not so. While a few words of Greek are common in all liturgies (including the EF), only the Italo-Greek (aka Italo-Albanian), the Melkite, and the (tiny) Greek Churches, regularly use Greek liturgically.

And BTW, the differences between the Western and the Eastern and Oriental Churches go far beyond liturgical language.

I belong to a group that promotes the Extraordinary Form in our diocese. I have attended several EF Masses per week for about a year. I was also an altar server in the '60’s.

Without a doubt, SolemnHigh and MissaCantata Masses have the potential for great beauty and inspiration. The coordinated efforts of the clergy, servers, musicians and vocalists are blended into an awesome spectacle that lifts the heart and soul. For entertainment value alone, it gets a ten. But it is nearly impossible to follow in the missal. For someone who is not already familiar with the TLM, it is akin to watching a foreign-language musical with no subtitles.

If someone is interested in learning and participating in the EF, it is desirable to - at the very least - become familiar with the order of mass, prayers and rubrics. In my experience, the standard Sunday Low Mass will get one up to speed more quickly than any other EF Mass. This approach is beneficial to those who wish to fully appreciate the more complex versions of the EF.

Just a quick report back, it was one of the most worshipful experiences I’ve ever had, I came to tears during the procession in, and again when we we’re all processing up to the Communion Rail, which I absolutely loved and wish we would bring back. I definitely need to learn up on the TLM, but very much so see myself going back again and again.

Welcome to the varsity.

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