Going to my first mass tonight

As I struggle with my fear of unknown places, (as I’ve written about on a thread on here once before,), I am finally going to my first mass tonight.
As I’ve written before, I went astray. Bouncing from church to church, different denominations, I have finally decided to come back home to the Catholic Church.
I will begin my journey tonight at mass.
One thing i’m unsure about, is sticking out. I don’t want to be super noticeable.
What would be proper attire for Saturday evening mass?
Would a nice button-up shirt and khakis be okay? Or do I need my dress pants?

Sorry for sounding a little lame. But, as I said, I don’t want to stick out like a new person tonight.
Any help would be appreciated!


Oh God bless you! Believe me, unless you are wearing a tuxedo or ball gown you aren’t going to stick out LOL. A button down shirt and khakis will be just fine. Try your best to keep your eyes and thoughts on Jesus and be joyous about receiving the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord.

You will be OK and WELCOME HOME!!!

Just follow what others around you are doing, and you will be just fine. God doesn’t expect a performance from you…He will just be so very happy you are there!!! Welcome back.

I’m happy for you & praying for you- so glad to hear this!

A zoot suit should be just fine. :smiley:

Seriously though, I am thrilled that you are coming back to Mass! Praise God!

Thanks, everyone, for your replies!
I finally went to mass.
It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was able to fit in quite well.
No one suspecting I was a new person.

Glad to be back in the Catholic Church! :slight_smile:

That is the very best news! The hard part is over now :thumbsup:

So TUss…how did it go last night? Was thinking of you and hoping you were excited now to attend your next Mass!!!

Well, good news is, I was able to blend in. No one suspected I was new. Haha.
Bad news is, I did look like a new person, a little, because when people we going up to the front, (which I know it’s okay for someone to not go up there. Even because it was my first time…)… But, I just kinda stood there, having people in my row having to step over me… Lol

But, I’m looking forward to going this morning.

Very proud of you for overcoming your fears and going to Mass! Many blessings will be poured upon you, I have no doubt.

God bless you!!!

Congrats and welcome! You’ll be back in the swing before you know it.

I’m a convert, so it took about 5-10 masses before I could stop myself from adding the Protestant ending to the Lord’s Prayer :blush: I was embarrassed, but no one ever seemed to notice.

Hope you will get noticed soon…

I was looking forward to going to church again this Saturday and sunday, but, unfortunately, I cannot.
Something has come up that I must skip this week.

Welcome back TUss!!!

I’m glad it went well for you! Don’t worry about people having to step over you lol (unless they hurt you or someone got hurt :slight_smile: ). We do need to be prepared and in the state of grace to receive, so if you have already had your First Communion, a good confession will prepare you to receive. In the meantime, you can always walk out of the pew and let everyone past you and then get up again when they come back… it may save you from getting a toe stubbed or something :). Basically, if you are in the state of grace, you have had your First Communion (or have been prepared and understand you are receiving our Lord’s Body and Blood, and your priest thinks you are ready) and you have fasted for an hour before Communion, then you should definitely go to receive Communion. If not, you can let people by, no problem. And, if the only problem was that you weren’t in the state of grace, then you can plan to go to confession ASAP so you can receive next time :).

It is wonderful to have you back!!! :wink: If we can help with anything let us know!

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