going to other churches.

If a catholic attends Mass every Sunday but would like to go
to a different church for fellowship in addition to Mass is this ok?

I would say yes. I have a Muslim father & I’ve been to Muslim prayers. I don’t see a problem with it. As Catholics we are called to dialogue with other faiths to draw them to Christ.

May I ask what made you want to go along? :slight_smile:

My first question: Why?
Second question: Your parish does not have fellowship?
Third: If not,ask your parish office or clergy.
Fourth: If one is not available,why not start one instead of going to an entire different church.

Just longing for more fellowship with people who even though
may not be Catholic still believe in Christ. We just don’t seem to
have alot of that in our Parish and miss it.

Nothing wrong with that…


That would be alright. You just have to watch out about what they say and do. If they’re very anti-Catholic Protestants, they may start whispering anti-Catholic rhetoric in your ear. Just make sure you’re strong enough in your faith that you can resist such comments and attempts at conversion.

I believe that you should start a fellowship group in your parish. Otherwise, you may be causing scandal which I am told is sinful.
You could start by having donuts after Mass in the Parish hall. Then once you have a consistent group, maybe venture into a bible study.
Going to other churches is placing yourself in near occasion of sin. (IMO)

I did this and wound up out of the Church for 10 years. My advice would be to find some like-minded folks or maybe the K of C or even just yourself, and begin a coffee and doughnuts time after Mass or between Masses perhaps. Nothing huge; maybe not even every week, but just a start. Your priest is likely too burdened already to take any of this on himself, but he could say a word about the importance of fellowship and give a boost. Christians need both the sacramental life and the camaderie that goes with following Christ. If that is just plain impossible, drive wherever you have to to find a parish where you can feel at home. Either way it will take some effort, but it is certainly possible that this is what Christ is calling you to do.:thumbsup:

I don’t see why this would be sinful. I think it’s important for us to have a community that builds us up, that we can relate to. I do something very similar. I attend mass every Sunday, but in my church I’m usually the youngest person there by a good 30 years…literally. And this is the only Catholic church around. I am part of a Methodist ministry on my college campus, and I love it. The Eucharist and mass build me up every Sunday, and I’m a firm believer in the Catholic faith, but I could not have made it as a Christian in college without the help of my Christian friends who are my age. I have to know what I believe and stay firm in that, but honestly, that’s the same in any part of life.


If we want to be truly catholic and be able to pass that on, we have to build a “Catholic Culture” that will only grow if the local community binds together cohesively. If someone goes off to different churches not only could it be seen as scandalous or a near occasion of sin it would weaken your own community. I would recommend either starting your own group maybe with others who are likeminded or joined a local group/confraternity that can help you. We must build each other up and if you go to a protestant church then you could be unintentionally taking in some of their errors and heresies, I keep as far away from Protestants (especially the “low church” sort) as much as I can, little good can come from casual fraternisation in this sort of religious/fellowship context.

Aren’t there other types of social activities in your area that may attract other Christians?

Crafting? Book clubs?..etc.


I get going to a protestant prayer service or ministry programs…But going to their actual “mass” (for lack of a better word) seems a bit heretical to me. By going to our Mass, you are affirming your belief in the REAL PRESENCE of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Then, you turn around and go to another denomination’s church where there is no REAL PRESENCE:confused:
When I was younger I Church Shopped. I always would tell myself that I was still a Catholic. I would always tell myself that I was just trying to get closer to Christ. :rolleyes:
Now, I realize that by going to another denomination’s church service, I was denying the One True Church. :signofcross:
*Felt like I was cheating on my Church. *
Just my opinion…

That’s my thinking too. I don’t participate in another church’s actual service, but I do participate in a multi denominational Men’s Prayer breakfast once a month ( we eat, have a speaker, and then pray) and also do a lot with the YMCA and Boy Scouts. Both Christian organizations not tied to one church’s doctrine. It’s a lot of fun!


:thumbsup: Thanks everyone for you imput. I guess looking at multi denominational activies,
not so much the service it self, I didn’t express myself clearly. I’m devoted to my Church and I’m also a convert to the faith so maybe I have a different take on things.:slight_smile:
Just know very good christians who are not catholic and I want to grow in Christ.
God has lead me to the Church I’m not leaving, have tried to get people interested in pro-life group and had very poor turn out, just frustrated. Once again thanks for your suggestions.

I don’t attend “services” but I do go to a Sunday school class to hear what they are saying and to defend the Faith. It is my outreach to our separated brethren.

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