Going to see my Pastor tomorrow


I have just arranged a meeting for tomorrow (Tuesday, June 7, 2011) to discuss my possible vocation to the priesthood! As this marks the first step of my "official" discernment, I humbly ask for all of your prayers and support!

If anyone has a suggestion of a question that I should ask him, what we should discuss, etc. I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks be to God!


Kyle, God bless you man!

Is your diocese an orthodox one with a faithful bishop? The danger, or so I understand, is that some dioceses are not. I’ve heard of bishops refusing to send a young man to a seminary if he does not support women’s ordination, and other such humbug. If this is the case, I highly recommend going to a different diocese (one that’s faithful to Church teaching!) and applying there.

Other than that, you are in my prayers!



Man what an encouraging thread to read. You will definetly be in my prayers. Please do by all means keep us updated.

I agree with Scooby whole heartedly.

I know that some diocesese offer retreats for young men who are thinking about becoming priests, might I suggest you check those out or ask about those.

God Bless.


Kyle - It seems that you have probably already had this meeting, but do know that you are in my prayers!

I know it can be a moment filled with trepidation and excitement, but just trust in His will alone, and no one else’s, and you will be just fine. :slight_smile:

Pax et bonum!


God Bless you! I hope that things go well and that your discernment leads you to where God is sending you.

Peace of Christ,



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