Going to the beach while scrupulous


Your best bet is to speak to a spiritual advisor or priest about your scrupulosity in this area, which apparently involves your feelings about sex. Sex is linked to emotions as well, so a good therapist can also probably help.


Honestly, what some women wear on the beach is very skimpy. I don’t see how any guys would resist the temptation of staring at them. 🤷


Your problem seems to be lust.

If you can’t be in that environment without sinning then you shouldn’t go.

If you go anyways, maybe ask the other sex to wear something more appropriate. However, bikinis aren’t necessarily inappropriate at a beach, IMO.


Guy: walks up Hey.
Girl: Hey.
Guy: Put some clothes on. You’re dressed like a tramp.

Even if you don’t say it, that’s what it’s gonna sound like.


No, the problem is not lust. The problem is scrupulosity.

If I were his confessor or spiritual director (which I am not), I would probably tell him this:

  1. Go to the beach and have a good time.
  2. Do not stare at the girls (that is rude whether she is in a swimsuit or not). But don’t take pains to avert your eyes either if she also runs into your field of vision. You will see female bodies at the beach, and those bodies are God’s creation. Give thanks for the beauty of the female form. They are not something to be ashamed at. This is not the Playboy mansion.
  3. If thoughts come unbidden to you, dismiss them and think no more of them. Unbidden thoughts are not sins.
  4. Do not confess “having seen” female human beings in swimsuits.
  5. Go to the beach and have a good time.

Because he is scrupulous, I would probably have him do what he is afraid to do, and that is, go to the beach. Because there is nothing sinful in laying eyes on swimsuit-clad females (which is different from leering). One can indeed freely go to the beach, even see beachwear-clad women, and still go home in a state of grace.


I use eye discipline at times. It works great. Just be careful of the setting you use it in. It could be taken as an insult in a business environment.


This made my day!


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