Going to Wal-Mart? Take your gun


Because it might stop a murder. This video is pretty graphic, not for the faint of heart.

Video takes 11 seconds to get started, be patient.

Good Samaritan Kills Woman’s Attacker

Here an elderly man saved the life of a woman who was being repeatedly stabbed by her estranged ex-husband. This is caught on in store security cameras. One thing that is pretty amazing is that the camera system is tracking the man who did the stabbing yet store security did not show up on the scene until after the elderly man stepped up and killed the attacker and then after another customer came up to help the victim.

You’d sort of think that if the security cameras were tracking the bad guy they would have had a security officer on the scene much quicker?

I do.

Good for him! I have my CC permit but I rarely (ok I never) have carried. I just get scared because the californian in me comes out:p I get nervous because as a woman I dont really wear baggy clothes like men do so I have no place to “conceil” it and I am certainly not going to put a loaded weapon in my tiny coach purse LOL What if it accidently fell out at a busy place like the grocery store? I think people would freak out.

We do have guns at our home, but at this point in my life I am more nervous carrying a gun on me (small children and all).

[size=3]They do make a lot concealed carry clothing for women now days.

As you know how hot it gets here in Texas, in the summer you may notice a lot of guys wearing butt packs a lot of them are carrying. When I wear mine I also have a small camera bag I have my stub nose .38 in there.

I carry all the time everywhere the law allows me to carry. Like that guy in Wal-Mart you never know when you need to defend yourself or others.

I also go to the range once a month to keep my shooting skills proficient.

Anyone notice that the video was posted 2 years ago? Hardly “news”.

And shocking as it may sound, not all stores with security cameras actually have someone monitoring them all the time. At least at our store they don’t. The security film is more for evidence than to actually catch a thief or attacker. And judging from what I saw, the attack took place in the deli area (usually at the front of the store) and the security room is in the far back. So even if someone was minding the camera, it would have taken him more than a few seconds to be on the scene.

i have seen women carry their gun in a fanny pack around their waist.

Well you know what they say: * “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”

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Hey, that’s my line!

(Great pic. I’m keeping that one :smiley: )


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