Going with someone who drives beyond speed limits


I was wondering if its a sin to go in a car with someone who drives above the speed limits, so far it seems safe, since it is a pretty much straight road. but i wonder if it would be like if im supporting him into breaking the laws by doing so, because we help him with the gas.


No. It is not a sin to ride with someone who speeds.


perhaps we need more information. is this person driving dangerously fast? what are the road conditions? are they driving recklessly in other ways?

it would be wrong to purposely put yourself in harm’s way.


it’s not a sin per say but a poor lack of judgement on your part if this is continuous. someone who repeated drives beyond the speed limit is dangerous. I had a friend in high school (many moons ago) that was killed in a car accident. He was riding with a driver that was a known speeder. The driver lost control of the car and it flipped and rolled over. Brian was killed instantly, the driver broke his neck. If this is a friend, find someone else to ride with.


Driving above the posted speed limit is breaking the law, wreckless & a danger to the driver, passengers & the others on the road. Use prudent judgement.


How much over the speed limit do you mean?


There are a lot of things in the world to worry about. Based on the information you give, that is not one of them.

There are a number of modifiers to the above, though.

*]You say the road is pretty straight, so that’s one thing.
*]What kind of condition is the road? Is it full of potholes or is it well-paved? (that is a determining factor in the maximum safe rate of speed)
*]What are the weather conditions? Rain? Ice? Snow?
*]What kind of condition is the car? The tires? The brakes? In other words, is the machine capable of being driven safely at a high rate of speed? *[for example, a German sports car with a 6 to 8 speed transmission, well maintained, with Z rated tires is well capable of a sustained 90-100 mph run; a Kia with a 4 speed automatic and P-rated tires with the indicators showing probably shouldn’t try over 65] *
*]Is he driving while tipsy? While overly tired? Is he playing on his cell phone while driving? Is he eating while driving? Is he shaving while driving (yes, I said it)? In other words, is he being distracted by extraneous factors?
*]Is he technically competent to drive at the speeds he is driving?
*]Is he becoming emotionally involved with the drive? Do you hear him getting angry and cursing other drivers? Is he tailgating? Is he swerving around other drivers? Is he acting “passive-aggressive” (for example, driving in the fast lane at a speed that is forcing drivers behind him to slow down)?
If one of the above is a factor and appears to impact the drive, that’s one thing. But otherwise?

For your perspective, it’s a matter of prudence whether you get in the car with him or not…but a sin??? Not even.


driving over the speed limit is braking the law. it doesn’t matter about all those things you listed as really making a difference at all. Whether the road is straight or dry or curvy or wet or whatever. If someone repeatedly drive too fast, they are dangerous and if someone drives too fast when it is good, they probably are not going to have the common sense to slow it down when conditions are not so great. If there is a choice here, then don’t ride with a speeder. Is it a sin, no but is it smart no and it is stupidity that usually can get one hurt of killed.


Well, I don’t know that speeding is really a sin unless your intention is to hurt someone or unless it is very reckless :shrug:


well, the speed is from 80-110 Km/h, the road is pretty much straight it has some holes and he seems responsible, you know, not doing reckless stuff, nonetheless, I will be watching if there are dangers there, to see if its safe or not to go with him. i was kinda more worried about the stuff that is not so clear in this case the having to follow the law, I mean if i were driving i would respect them unless i found it dangerous (going slow when everyone is fast I’ve heard is dangerous too, not sure about this) but i want to know if it would not be like im supporting him in doing so, I mean in a place where 40 would be the limit going at 60 might not be a great deal, but us having to follow the laws could be the main problem.

thanks for your answers by the way, and yes, if i see danger i will look for other means.


First, the OP was a passenger, not the driver. Therefore, none of the discussion below pertains to him, except for to have the prudence to not put himself in danger if he recognizes that the driver is not being safe.

Second: 2290 …Those incur grave guilt who, by drunkenness or a love of speed, endanger their own and others’ safety on the road, at sea, or in the air.
(The general section of the CCC that contains this is the section regarding “temperance”, by the way)

The operative issue here is if the person drives unsafely. All those factors I listed above make a big difference in whether one is safe or not (cf CCC 2290).


I already know and realize that Op was the passenger. The question was is it sinful to ride with someone (at least what Op implied) with a driver (assuming that the driver is not Op parents) that regularly drove over the speed limit. Op isn’t exactly clear about the situation but the basic answer is that it isn’t sinful per say but maybe foolish if someone is rider repeatedly ride with a driver that repeatedly drives over the speed limit. I am not sure what your point is. Driving over the speed limit is illegal and unsafe whether there are great conditions or not. I did have a friend in high school lose his life this way. I am not scrupulous here. There are direct sinful choices and there are choices that are unwise. If there are other choices to ride with other that drive safer then that should be the choice. It only takes on accident to lose one’s life or have it altered forever.


I routinely do 10-15 MPH above the speed limit on the interstate. Closer to 10 over if the limit is 70MPH, closer to 15 if the limit is 65MPH.

Of course this also happens to be the flow of traffic, or it’s at an off-peak hour with no other traffic around, on dry pavement.

Just because a person speeds does not make them a reckless driver.


For the Americans on the board, 80km is about 50m and 110 km is about 70 m.

If the driver is going 110 in a 80 speed zone, then he’s going over 20 mph over tye speed limit. Here, that would get a driver a hefty ticket!

However, I would say that given the description of the road, 70 may not be inherently sinful. I don’t know about Europe, but in the US, the speed limits tend to be set low to accomodate many weather conditions. For a long time, the federal highway department required that the top speeed limit be 55mph for the sake of conserving gasoline, no otyer reason.

So, DMC 12, I would say that you are not in any way sinning, since I gather that you are not egging him on or encouraging him to speed. You might suggest to him that you wouldn’t mind leaving earlier so he doesn’t have to risk getting a ticket :slight_smile:


When I was young, I drove way too fast, Now everyone says I drive way too slow. When you get older, for some reason, you want to live a lot longer.:smiley:

I try to keep within in 10 mph of the posted limit. There are a ton of speed cameras in Maryland and they are set at 11 mph above the limit, BUT on an interstate, the ‘flow of traffic’ may be much higher than 10 over the limit. Going at the posted limit on an interstate may actually make you a hazzard to other drivers. You may be driving at 65 in a 55 posted zone, but there will be huge semi trucks tailgating you along the way.

In Georgia, the state is considering making it ILLEGAL to drive BELOW the speed limit in the left lane (aka passing lane). I hardly ever see anyone driving at the speed limit (except on a rainy or snowy day), and it really is a huge hazzard to drive below the limit.


Im not sure…but it sure is dangerous to speed…those speed limits are there for a reason


As a fellow “Merlin”-er (HON), I wish they’d do something like that here. Nothing more dangerous in the world than a passive-aggressive driver who insists on driving 55 in the left lane on 95.


I’d tell him to slow the heck down or risk a chinese firedrill (racist I know sorry thats what they call it here) by force.


Have you read the eleven commandments? The eleventh commandment says, ‘though shalt not ride in a chariot with someone above the prescribed speed limit. I am the Lord your God.’ Modern cars can reasonably be included with chariots in this passage.


Yes, I absolutely agree with you. The point of the law is to reduce accidents and keep people safe, if you are driving significantly below the speed of traffic, especially if you are driving in the fast lanes you are a serious hazard. Even if it means driving 5-10 miles above the speed limit it is far better (and safer) to drive at the speed of traffic.

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