Golden Compass Ads Coming Out With USCCB Approval Quote

Well now quotes from the review of the Golden Compass on the USCCB web site ( are showing up on ads like the one found on

Yes, apparently they took some liberties with the quote, leaving out words in between, to make it appear more of a solid endorsement. There is a thread about this in the Catholic News forum:

Okay–I do my best to be a faithful daughter of the Church and to submit with good will to the judgment of our Bishops. BUT–what were they thinking?!! The USCCB site says it would be better for parents to discuss these books and this movie rather than banning them. True enough. I guess, though, that this would be right up there with parents discussing sexual activity/morality with their children. Not likely to happen in most households. Of course the Bishops are happy to issue specific foreign policy suggestions (they know they’ll be ignored) but not to speak with any authority on domestic issues of real moral import! Heaven help us because the Bishops surely won’t!

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