“golden Compass” Fans Want Red Meat

Catholic League president Bill Donohue offered his latest remarks today on “The Golden Compass,” which opens on Friday:
“The screenwriter, Chris—‘American Pie’—Weitz, got himself into another sticky situation when he told Variety, ‘People are essentially misreading and misrepresenting a book that is full of good values.’ Commenting on a similar remark by Weitz, Hanna Rosin noted in The Atlantic Monthly that Weitz ‘hadn’t quite realized that the loudest part of Pullman’s fan base regarded that interpretation as a cop-out.’
“Pullman’s most conspicuous fan base is bridgetothestars.net, and the anger expressed there regarding the watering down of the anti-Catholic bigotry is palpable. The website’s review of the movie says, ‘The removal of the religious motivations makes the institution [Catholic Church] incredibly bland, a mere band of thugs with a domineering power for no apparent reason.’ They’re disappointed that the thugs aren’t priests. In the latest issue of the U.K. magazine The Big Issue (available on the fan website), it complains that the film is guilty of ‘toning down Pullman’s at times brutal attacks on the Catholic church.’



Maybe someone should tell THEM “it’s just fiction” :rolleyes:

But Pullman has no bad intentions! He’s not a bad guy.

This site should be mandatory viewing for anyone who defends this trash.

In a way, I feel very sad for Pullman. He strikes me as a lost soul, and we are all sinners…needing help from God to pull us out. I pray for his enlightenment of that fact. It saddens me when I read/hear about a person’s personal affliction and loathing of the RCC. I wonder what could have happened in this man’s life, to cause such a distaste for our faith? :frowning:

Misery begets more misery. He has now ‘fathered’ a book, that will probably take on a new life of its own. I don’t ever think people should take their painful memoirs and contort them into movies for kids.

Taken from :bridgetothestars.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=205733

I like this guy’s quote:

“It doesn’t really take much analysis to understand that HDM is against organised religion, as well as any dogmatic and intolerant form of domination. Furthermore, if there were any doubts, Pullman has confirmed it in several interviews. So my point of view is that HDM IS against organised religion, it clearly explains why, and there is no reason to be ashamed about it. If the movie makers wish to make people believe otherwise because it affects their profits, it’s THEIR problem.”

Especially the part about intolerant forms of domination. By definition, you can’t oppose religion and at the same time decry intolerance.

How laughable.

The best thing that could happen is that these people have their way and the next movie isn’t watered down at all. Let’s pray that happens.

Does that drive you nuts also? As a lover of reading myself, I get so angry at people who think that fiction has not power. Fiction is very powerful. Think of the workhouses in Victorian times, one of the reason that we have such a negative view of them today is because Dickens wrote Oliver Twist. Sometimes I think that fiction is the most powerful form of writing because we relax our mind with a good book and don’t always stay on guard. Plus the author has control of which side triumphs or is depicted in a positive manner.

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