Golden Globe Nominations

Hi, Guys. Sorry, I don’t know how to link articles, but the Golden Globe nominations are out… I didn’t see any for Bella, which doesn’t suprise me, but does disappoint me. Eduardo Verastuega(sp.?) did say something that I loved. This isn’t the exact quote, but close- I was not born to be successful, but to serve & follow the Lord Jesus Christ. If I am successful, thanks be to God. If I am not successful, thanks be to God.

He said this in an interview this fall on The World Over with Raymond Arroyo. Even if they never win another award beyond the ones they have already received, his testimony & their film is so powerful.

I really don’t think it’s because the movie was pro-life that it was not nominated.
While it sounds like a very good film, I’m not sure it stands up to the standards of the Golden Globes or the Oscars. It just wouldn’t compare to some of the true masterpieces that are nominated this year.
At least Golden Compass wasn’t nominated for anything:thumbsup:

I’m right there with you on that one, Child_ of_ God85 (the Golden Compass, I mean). I agree with you that Bella’s prolife message wasn’t the ONLY reason it wasn’t nominated, but I do think many that hate the messages in the film hate the movie.
I’m sure many of the films are great, but I hardly get to the movies anymore! I’m looking forward to Atonement & The Great Debaters. I have no idea what Juno is like. I do feel like simple, uplifting films that celebrate goodness are often overlooked; while darker, sometimes twisted films are seen as more artistic & therefore better.

It looks like the movie Juno, while it does have some questionable morality (pregnant outdie of marriage) could have a bit of a pro life message as well. I’m sorta interested in that movie, but I might wait till dvd.
It does seem that they release more darker movies lately. But there are some very good uplifting movies as well. Ratatouille was a very good movie, and not just for kids either. I was very pleased to see that one nominated.

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