Golden Globes Ceremony canceled, do you care?

Anyone care? Repulses me to see celebrities flaunting $$$$ clothes and jewelery. Not to mention those goodie bags with even more $$$$ stuffed inside. Why not donate to charity? Why no donate some of that hefty salary to charity?

I couldn’t care less - I never watch the awards shows anyway. I definitely agree with you about the $$ thing - it’s horrible!

Don’t care.

Nope. Hopefully, the Oscars will get the ax too. :mad:

Wouldn’t that be something if the Oscars get canceled? But that will never happen.

I hope they cancel the Academy awards to.

I’ll have to check which night that is so I can appreciate the extra time I have. :rolleyes:

I don’t care so much I’m posting about it just to let you all know I don’t care.

I have a daughter who is a professional stage manager/choreographer, so I do believe that people who are in the entertainment business need awards and commendations and recognition and honors.

All of us enjoy being recognized by our peers and superiors when we have done an exemplary job in our professions. .

I have no objection to awards banquets and recognition ceremonies and trophies and speeches of praise…

…but I don’t see why this sort of thing needs to be televised!!!

Why don’t the entertainment professionals just hold a private event somewhere and honor all those in their industry who deserve to be honored without turning it into a big boring television show?

I realize that some of the “awards” (e.g., Golden Globes, I think) are awarded by the “public.” But why can’t the “public” make their selections online, and then the results released online for those who are interested? Why does it have to be a television show?!

Maybe CAF can award prizes for the best posts.

We could televise it on YouTube.

It would be called a … “Cathy”.






I would say that I don’t care except that the cancellation may be something to cheer about.

I really don’t care that the GG ceremony was cancelled. Correction: I guess I do care, but in a good way. I’m actually in support of the writers guild on this one so I’m quite happy about it and do hope the Academy Awards also gets cancelled.

As for why they award banquets are televised well that’s simple enough…television opened peoples’ living rooms to a glimpse of their favorite actors/actresses as real people - well not ‘real’, really’ but not playing a role. Television was new, this was something which drew people to televisions - and the advertisers - never forget the advertisers!

I think you’re right that the awards began as a way for peers to get recognized, but now it’s just overdone and it’s about generating more ticket sales/attendance/tv viewers.

I like the Tony Awards because I get a glimpse of the costumes/sets/performances from musicals I could never afford to attend - and to be honest, there have been a few - like Lion King that I would never have considered paying money to see, but after seeing a scene on television I saved up to see it live. There’s an industry that needs help boosting interest and attendance but gets very limited airing of the award ceremony.

Film? and Television? (GG and AA) As noted, they have been reduced to marketing opportunities to try to increase movie ticket sales and increase television ratings for particular productions, but nowadays - with HBO and DVDs what’s the point, really? I think that’s why it’s become so gawdy and why I don’t enjoy them anymore. It’s just greed magnified.

Besides, a fan doesn’t need to wait for the once a year airing of an award ceremony to see what the ‘real’ actor/actress is like anymore. These actors run for office, they campaign for social causes, they have reality shows follow them around 24/7 and now we get glimpses on YouTube. There’s no more thrill in seeing them step out of a limousine all glitzed up, especially after seeing their mugshot on the news several months before or some other ‘raw’ footage.

If the writer’s strike keeps the AA from airing then I hope if GG and AA return next year viewership will be dismal.

I could care less, yet…

This strike could be more disasterous than the Baseball strike back in 1994-95. The Writers’ strike will turn off more people to the ‘entertainment’:rolleyes: Hollywierd puts out. However, it is sad that good decent people who are trying to make a living in that industry are hurt as well. What WILL it take to get Hollywierds attention that We Don’t Care?:confused:

I love movies, but I have never seen an awards show. I tried to a time or two but I got so tired of the inane blabbering on and one and the painful attempts at banter that I quit. I won’t miss the shows at all.

Last night I watched Scarlet Street and Double Indemnity. Great film noir - both of them!

That’s the part which troubles me most.
It still seems like a David and Goliath thing though, the huge production almost monopoly on the entire industry against one segment of that industry which is vital to the whole game.

I care because it means that strike talks are still nowhere near settled. While I do miss my television programs and hope that they come back soon, I also recognize that this strike means that many, many people are out of work. And the people that are out of work aren’t the million dollar or even thousand dollar a year earners. Regular Joe’s are scrimping to eat and pay rent due to all this huballo.

Wooah! we are now getting back to how the award shows were orignally. I love seeing old clips of the oscars. It was like a press conference too. I don’t mind award shows just the length and all the extra filler crud they chose to put in to take up time.

I don’t like the fact that most awards show give awards not based on quality but based on what the politically correct issue of the day is. I am tired of being lectured to by over dressed, overpaid, and overbearing celebrities

Well, ok, I’ll be the brave one and say that I enjoy watching award shows. :cool: I love to see what everyone is wearing, to see clips of movies I never got around to seeing and then put them on my “to rent” list. I don’t always enjoy the hosts of these shows - well, most of the time I don’t actually. But the rest of it I do enjoy.

Hey - these people work for a living. They are paid according to what their particular market will bear. Who am I to complain about their massive salaries when I’m one of those who pay to go to the movies and rent their DVDs, and watch their tv shows? If you don’t like what they earn, then don’t ever watch a movie or rent anything or turn on your tv, or buy from any of the show sponsors. Heaven forbid you employ the gaffer or seamstress or make up artist who works on a particular movie. Have you seen the THOUSANDS of names on some of the credits for some movies? Those people have families - and families cost money.

Sure - the elite few make a massive amount of money - but what they do also puts food on the table for millions of people in supporting industries.

If you don’t like award shows - don’t watch them. But don’t call them evil and berate an entire industry because some of them (the vast minority) make well more than you do and perhaps don’t live perfectly saintly lives.


:yup: :yup: :yup:

From what I’ve seen of the Hollywood industry, it would be the vast minority who are good people, not the other way around.:rolleyes:

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