Goliath the Giant?


How could a mere man be a giant…and im assumening that the bible isnt talking about a made up goblin type figure?

Help would be much apperciated!:slight_smile:


It’s entirely possible for a man to be a giant.
I’ve seen photos of outrageously tall men.
I’m 5’10", but stand me next to Shaquille O’Neal and I’ll look like a midget by comparison.



ever seen an NBA player standing next to a “regular” guy?

while their are actual physical disorders that lead to gigantism, some people are just bigger than others…a lot bigger

David was supposedly still a boy at the time of the battle too so if you stand a 5’ 2" 120 lbs 12 year old boy next to a 6 or 7 foot tall man of 250 -300 lbs that sounds pretty much like a giant to me


Besides, the average man was much shorter in those days (around 5’4") so “giantism” is somewhat relative.


Why can’t he have been very tall?

Even in modern times someone was 8ft 11 1/2inches (was it Robert Wadlow?) Goliath wasn’t meant to be much taller than that.

You might want to take a look at this link:


The information - which may or may not be true - also appears on less odd sites, ones that don’t have sound clips from Wizard of Oz and flying saucers. But I can’t find it on more mainstream sites - and the flying saucer tootling across the screen may put you off!


Oscar Wilde was one person that I know had a condition that meant that he never stopped growing his whole life.

Why should there not have been someone with a similar condition, perhaps also genetically programmed for height anyhow, who got to be extremely tall???

The smaller stature of folk in those days would have made him seem even more imposing!!!


and giant is a relative term…

bible says he was approximately 9’6" tall… (KJV)
(NAB) says he was 6’6" tall…

not out of the question… since 7’ tall men
aren’t called giants now…



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