Gone to the dogs: LA church starts pet service

LOS ANGELES — When the Rev. Tom Eggebeen took over as interim pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church three years ago, he looked around and knew it needed a jump start.

Most of his worshippers, though devoted, were in their 60s, attendance had bottomed out and the once-vibrant church was fading as a community touchstone in its bustling neighborhood.

So Eggebeen came up with a hair-raising idea: He would turn God’s house into a doghouse by offering a 30-minute service complete with individual doggie beds, canine prayers and an offering of dog treats. He hopes it will reinvigorate the church’s connection with the community, provide solace to elderly members and, possibly, attract new worshippers who are as crazy about God as they are about their four-legged friends.

Before the first Canines at Covenant service last Sunday, Eggebeen said many Christians love their pets as much as human family members and grieve just as deeply when they suffer — but churches have been slow to recognize that love as the work of God.

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I saw the headline and first thought that this was a new thing from the office of Cardinal Mahony. I skimmed the excerpt (the first time missing that this was a Presbyterian church) and realized it could not be + Mahony’s work; the proposal is way too liturgical :smiley:

I suppose that the blessing of animals and pets on St. Francis’s Day is NOT the same thing as a pet service, right?

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