Gonorrhea is more dangerous than ever as resistance to antibiotics grows


U.S. health officials have identified a cluster of gonorrhea infections that show sharply increased resistance to the last effective treatment available for the country’s second most commonly reported infectious disease.

The findings from a cluster of Hawaii cases, presented Wednesday at a conference on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, represent the first cluster of cases in the United States that have shown such decreased susceptibility to the double-antibiotic combination used when other drugs have failed. If the bacteria continue to develop resistance, that end-of-the-line therapy ultimately will fail, and an estimated 800,000 Americans a year could face untreatable gonorrhea and the serious health problems it causes, health officials said.



It is just frightening to think of the repercussions of this. Why is it that with the movies with casual sex implied we never see an episode on a TV show of someone going down to get tested for STD’s such as gonorrhea.

When they “teach” our children about sex, condoms and the pill and where to get it do they also talk about what a visit to the Dr to be checked for STD’s might be like?

It is my pet peeve. I think a reality show episode of this type of thing might shock some into the reality of the consequences of premarital activity and hopefully curtail it.

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox.



Actually, I did see some reality show – British or Australian, I think – about a clinic in a tropical resort area. And they graphically showed diseases and ailments, even of a venereal nature: no pixellation here.

Very disturbing.


Showing the images was part of our high school curriculum.

Yet, I still hear objections that showing STD’s is an ineffective inhibitor; therefore, time should not be spent on it. I think such a strictly utilitarian viewpoint is the wrong approach to education.


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