Gonzaga University hires Melissa Click, disgraced ex-University of Missouri professor


Washington Times:

Gonzaga University hires Melissa Click, disgraced ex-University of Missouri professor

Melissa Click, the former University of Missouri communications professor who infamously called for some “muscle” to expel journalists from campus race protests last year, has been given a one-year position as a lecturer at Gonzaga University.The Jesuit university said in a statement Ms. Click was “hired through an extensive national search process that revealed her to be the most qualified and experienced candidate for the position.”

Dr. Click has excellent recommendations for both her teaching and scholarship, which includes an extensive record of publication,” Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said in a statement. “We are confident she has learned much from her experiences at the University of Missouri and believe she will uphold the rigorous standards of academic excellence demanded of Gonzaga faculty and students.”

Ms. Click was fired from the University of Missouri after she was caught on camera calling for “muscle” to remove a student journalist from a protest site at the height of the Black Lives Matter campus demonstrations in the fall.
The disgraced scholar apologized for her actions, but later said she was made into a “scapegoat” by the university to appease conservatives.
“This is about racial politics,” Ms. Click said in an interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education. “I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target,” adding that “black people love me.”


No surprise, sadly.


Christ forgave and gave sinners a second chance, even as he hung from the cross. Wouldn’t you-or souldn’t we-do the same? Just wondering. Peace.


This analysis is on the surface correct and the answer, of course, is yes.

However, given the current status of some Catholic unis in the USA, some folks many understandably wonder what the motive really is.

It’s also fair to ask if one wants someone who at one point “called for muscle” to silence conservative journalism to be teaching kids.


The surprise is that Georgetown or Loyola Marymount didn’t grab her first. :smiley:


Forgiving a sinner is something we are called to do. Hiring one to shape young minds at a catholic university is another thing entirely.
Gonzaga has long had issues. This is what they wish to be known for. Ok, so be it.

I’d rather be known as a Catholic school for future saints. But sadly that doesn’t seem to be many students goals. Nor faculty.


This is one of the most insightful comments I’ve ever read on the subject.


Hopefully she will be well observed and that she has learned from her poor choice and indiscretion. We can pray that it be so. Peace.


One thing I noticed about her appointment is that she was appointed as a lecturer, not as a professor. For most people who have been on the tenure track, being a lecturer is a significant loss in status. It usually does not come with tenure or the prospect of tenure and the vetting process is significantly less than for a tenure track position.


If forgiveness meant the waving of any repercussions or temporal punishments, life would be great.

Unfortunately, it has never been this way, like ever.

It is sad to see her hired by an institution that claims a Catholic identity, but other loud-mouthed, low-brow college lecturers who teach courses in nonsense have landed on their feet, so I am not surprised this one did.


I think part of the problem is that there is no agreement on what the temporal punishments ought to be. That should not be surprising, since Jesus disagreed with people regarding what the temporal punishment for adultery ought to be.


It was a bad mistake, but, if she’s as good of a teacher as claimed, it would be a shame that she was forced out of teaching entirely. I’m sure Gonzaga will keep an eye on her.


The media pounces on the negative and none of the good things that a person may have done in their lifetime. I don’t know why she said what she said or why. It may have been the heat of the moment, the emotional and physical stress that come with rallies and protest movements.

The media is famous for taking sound bites out of context and running with it. It is the old philosophy of “if it bleeds, it leads.” I can not judge on a few words that were uttered in the frenzy of the moment. Jesus wouldn’t. Pope Francis told the press, “Who am I to judge?”

It is very hard not to judge in a chaotic world where we are also being lead by the press, TV and politicians. I hope and pray that I can discern what is correct without the aid of the mass information train…or misinformation.

I would also not want to take food or shelter from someone in need that may be very sorry for what was said or done. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, says and does things that they regret, can’t take back, or carry within their souls for the rest of their lives.
So…what ever happened to “Do unto others as you would have done onto you…”?? Peace.


I expect many programs turning out Social Justice Warriors were eager to show their support, her being fired was an attack on what they stand for. At least she wasn’t given tenure track (yet)


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