Good aides to help examine conscience before Confession

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There are a good number of examination of conscience hits on the internet. With no disparagement to your two links, I would note that, for example, Fr. John Hardon, SJ (in conjunction with EWTN) had a list of 40 questions, split out between issues on Faith, Hope, and Charity.

In short, your list pretty much tends to the “negative” (Thous Shalt Not…). It misses the Beatitudes, as well as positive issues we are commanded (Love one another as I have loved you), which are not necessarily negatives (e.g. hating someone) but rather a failure to positively act. For example, if married: have I taken my spouse for granted, rather than focusing on being the best possible spouse to them?

The USCCB has a page for examination of conscience, and sets out 6 different sets; a) based on the 10 Commandments; Catholic social Teaching; for children; for young adults; for single people; and for married people.


There is a good (In my opinion) examination on the Laudate app which is free on android and I would expect iTunes too though I am unsure as I don’t use any apple devices.

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