Good Apologetics and Theology books

Hello all!

I really want to start reading theology and apologetics books to have a greater understanding of God.

I currently have Josh McDowell’s “The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict” as well as Norman Geisler’s “Systematic Theology, Vol 1: Introduction/Bible”. I haven’t finished either one yet, and its been a while since I was reading them, so I’m going to start over.

I want to get Patrick Coffin’s “Getting Started In Apologetics” book.

Are there any books that you would recommend me to read to start building a solid foundation in apologetics and theology?


God bless.

I found these very helpful, but they are audio resources for purchase. Well worth the money, especially Dr. Brant Pitre’s Spiritual Theology course (17 discs!). Well worth the money.

I’ve slowly become more of a theology guy than an apologetics guy. Apologetics is nice for defending the faith, but if you really want to understand and love it, you have to move deeper. These resources should help send you on your way.

I’ve slowly become more of a theology guy than an apologetics guy. Apologetics is nice for defending the faith, but if you really want to understand and love it, you have to move deeper. These resources should help send you on your way.

I have to agree. Knowing the theology behind the Catholic doctrine will also allow you to explain your beliefs with non-believers. Read Pope Benedict XVI–he is able to put theology in an easy to understand format. Also, C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity and the writings of St Thomas Aquinas. :thumbsup:

Frank Sheed has two great books:

Theology for Beginners (Servant Books)

Theology and Sanity (Our Sunday Visitor Press)

I’d read them in that order.

I want to re-recommend the Catholic Productions audio sets and the Frank Sheed theology books. Here is my full list, though:

-Catechism of the Catholic Church
-The Holy Bible RSV SCE
-Catholic Bible Dictionary
-The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy SE
-The Teaching of the Catholic Church by Rev. George D. Smith

^The above are essentials. The following are miscellaneous books in

-Catholicism and Fundamentalism
-A Biblical Defense of Catholicism
-Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger
-Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma
-Theology for Beginners
-Theology and Sanity

Some good stuff there. PM me if you ever need any more on a particular subject. I got tons. In fact, here, take a look this:

It is my entire library so far. I still need to update it with a few new books, but it has a tone of good stuff. Check it out.

I would suggest the following in addition to the fine books already suggested by others:

The Salvation Controversy by James Akin

Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating
Handbook of Christian Apologetics* by Kreeft and Tacelli

A Biblical Defense of Catholicism by David Armstrong

There are many more that could be suggested but what has been listed on this thread thus far will keep you plenty busy.

God bless…I will pray that you have a successful and enjoyable time pursing and expanding your knowledge of the faith.

Wow, thank you everyone. I will definitely get my hands on many of these books. Thank you all for your guidance.

Are you a subscribe to Catholic Answers Live? It’s like apologetics junk food. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know you could be a subscriber to Catholic Answers Live. I listen to them as often as I can, and have been downloading the podcasts. You are right in that they are definitely like junk food.

They are the reason that I’ve wanted to start studying this stuff, because everytime someone has a question, they have an answer. Its amazing all the information that have crammed in their noggins.

I concur with these choices. :thumbsup:

Has anyone read the Norma Geilser “Systematic Theology” series?

Another book to consider is ROSARY: Mysteries, Meditations and the Telling of the Beads, by Dr. Kevin Orlin Johnson. It is one of the best books around for immersing oneself in the Catholic Faith and its devotional culture, as well as for gaining deeper insights into Scripture.

It’s probably not a good idea to get your theology from a Protestant. I am sure there are some things we can agree on, in fact probably many, but when you get Catholic theology books, there really is no need. I recommend again The Teaching of the Catholic Church by Rev. George D. Smith. The first chapter on the definition of faith is astounding and will shape your spiritual life, I think.

I agree that a Protestant theology book isn’t a good idea, as there are significant theological differences between Catholics and Protestants. A good systematic theology book is a follows:

Systematic Theology: Roman Catholic Perspectives

This book was recently updated (and is now a one volume edition instead of a two volume one.)

On God’s existence I would recommend “The Existence of God” by Richard Swinburne and “Reasonable Faith” by William Lane Craig

On the Resurrection of Jesus try “The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus” by Gary Habermas and Mike Licona as well as “The Resurrection of the Son of God” by N.T. Wright. This one is very advanced but well worth it.

Also try “Contending with Christianity’s Critics” edited by Copan and Craig, as well as “History, Law, and Christianity” by John Warwick Montgomery.

Is there a particular area that you are looking to study? Many of the recent apologetic books are kind of specialized.

Are you sure about that book? The one review on Amazon paints it to be heavily inspired by the so-called “spirit of Vatican II,” which is just code for a “moderate” or liberal Catholicism.

As a person that read a couple of systemic theology books, such as Wayne Grundem’s Systematic Theology, it cannot be worse than reading a Protestant text, which is guaranteed to contain heretical and anti-Catholic content. This book has the benefit that it addresses concepts around the Papacy, Magisterium and Tradition as well as other key Catholic theologies.

The spirit of Vatican II was about supposed to be about increased laity participation and not about liberal Catholic perspectives. I agree, however, is Vatican II was seen by many to be co-opted by Catholic dissenters and radical theologians. Just bear that in mind when reading this book and you won’t be caught off guard when presented with a ‘liberal’ perspective on some subjects.

For a theological primer you can’t do much better than “Theology for Beginners” Frank J. (F.J.) Sheed. Once you get your brain around that, Sheed’s: Theology and Sanity will fill in the blanks.

After those, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen: The Life of Christ and Frank Sheed’s: To Know Christ Jesus.

Read those, and the accompanying bible verses they suggest and you will know more theology than 99.9% of Christians.

“Mere Christianity” C. S. Lewis

“Catholic and Christian” Alan Schreck

“Fundamentals of Faith” Peter Kreeft

Fictional Literature Graham Greene

Impressive library. You must be a voracious reader.

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