Good Apologetics and Theology books

I agree. Books written by Protestant theologians are really not a good idea for another reason. There are significant theological differences among Protestants themselves.

I have the horrible habit of buying books in bulk, and that means I have a lot of books in my library that I have not read. But you are right - there are so many gems that I am privileged to own. If anyone is searching for books, I highly encourage you to take a look through it. If you have a library of your own, set up a free account at LibraryThing to post it all online.

I like Crossing the Tiber by Steven Ray and Where is that in the Bible? by Patrick Madrid. I also am reading Faith of the Early Fathers by William Jurgens.

An interesting idea. I have a significant library as well.

Now, I want to see *that *collection! If you decide to set it up, give us a link! I don’t know about anyone else, but I get a lot of help out of seeing the collections of others.

I’ll see what I can do. However, not all of it is strickly Catholic. I wanted to be grounded in other religious matter so that I can understand their arguments better.

I like Steve Ray and Patrick Madrid, but nieither is a basic theology writer, one who starts with Is there a God and how do you know? They are apoogists for the faith.

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