Good article on REAL Mercy not false mercy



I have been thinking about the term “false mercy” a lot.

The overriding narrative that I was raised with, born in the 70s, was always that “God meets people where they’re at” and “Jesus dined with sinners” – which is true, but the false narrative tacked on to that even moreso lately is that “you’re fine just the way you are, and you don’t need to change anything” if you’re doing something seriously wrong. And any challenge to this false narrative now gets you branded a “hard core traditionalist” or “hard core conservative.” (I mean, I guess if people want to slap that label on to me to make themselves feel better, ok. I’m just concerned about objective right and wrong, but you do you.)

God knows for years I thought some of the more “conservative” priests I heard online were just scary and “too harsh” but years later now I realize they were telling the truth. I just didn’t have the stomach for it because my upbringing conditioned me that way. And a lot of people like me have weak stomachs – because of this “false mercy.”

I guess we get this idea in our heads that Jesus would always tell us something that would put us at peace and make ourselves “feel better” if we saw him in person. But there were times when he gave some pretty hard truths and even some of his own disciples and people he invited to discipleship couldn’t accept everything he said.


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