Good at hating sin, need help loving the sinner


I have a real hard time responding with gentleness, love, respect and class to others in certain situations. My tone of voice toward hating the sin (more commonly, just venial sin) of those dear to me, makes me sound like a cymbal clashing. It seems I’m putting hating the sin BEFORE loving the sinner. The litany of humility prayer asks: “from the desire of being approved, deliver me Jesus”. Should I stop being bothered by the venial sins of others? If one continues to reject my advice and counsel (i.e. the sin of privation of a dear one’s bodily health), should I just shut up and love and accept them? Sometimes the same people appreciate my concerns and advice on the issue, other times they’ll act just the opposite on the same issue. Should I remain quite because they don’t want to hear it some of the time? Please also give suggestions on how to be more gentle and have more class when dealing with the sins of others.

Your comments and prayers will be greatly appreciated by both myself and those dear to me. Thank you!


If you’ve made a comment about the issue already, you must let go and let God. If you have a difficult time doing this, stop looking at them and start paying attention to your own sin. Be thankful that they haven’t pointed out all your sins to you in the same manner that you do to them. Your message was recieved loud and clear, now it’s time to just love them again.


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