Good Bible History Website

This is a good summary of the history of the Bible. Amongst other things it shows that there is no way the Catholic church added 7 books at Trent.

page doesn’t seem to be working:shrug:

i’m sure it is a good site,but sadly :crying: i will never know. the home page is not responding to prompts :compcoff: :manvspc: :takethat:

I figured it out!. :extrahappy:

It’s so weird! Like the instructions say, click on the bible then zoom in using the arrows on your keyboard. zoom in until the bible gets real close then it will proceed to another page. Keep doing this to advance to the next page.

Pretty cool.

Note: It is a flash based page, so there is a chance that if you have an ad blocker it might remove it, or it is taking a while to load. But it worked for me. Also, remember to click the Bible when prompted, and then use the up and down arrow keys to zoom in and out. If you keep zooming in, you’ll pass through the Bible and into the timeline.


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it just keeps on moving
there are some facts and info they left out
but, still a pretty fair resource indeed.

God Bless

I bookmarked it. Thank you.

Page is not working. Clicking on the Bible does nothing and the arrows keys don’t move.

The title of the thread threw me off and I was dissapointed when I saw the site. The timeline is not about Bible history but about the history of the Bible.

I thought it was going to be a Biblical timeline of salvation history, but it is a timeline of when books of the Bible were written, how they were used, compiled and disseminated, and changed.

I thought it was going to be Bible History and when it jumped from Moses to 300BC stating only, “The Old Testament books are completed”, I was like “What…???” What about David and the divided kingdom and the exile?

The format is pretty cool, but I though it was about something else.


i couldn’t get the Bible to open.

I got it to open no problem.

I am going to send the link to a Protestant I know who says that the King James OT is the same as the Jewish one. But as this site shows the Jews had not settled on a canon at the time when Jesus was on earth.

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