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I hope this is posted in the correct place. My Anglican wife has asked me to lead a bible study with her. This is a massive step forward for us as since my conversion to Catholicism, all faith based discussions have been off limits (except for the basics).

Does anybody have a bible study resource that they have used and could recommend? One that is, of course, Catholic and unashamedly so but one that also has an eye on a Fundamental Christian perspective that my wife, despite attending an Anglican church, generally adheres to?

I have done a little searching online but as yet have not been able to decide which would be best. I am desperate to get this right as the potential conversions of four people (wife and children) could be helped by this.





The best study guide I’ve found was A Catholic Guide to The Bible from Catholic Home Study Services. It is my go-to reference for reconciling contradictions and explaining literary forms of different books, such as contextual hyperbole.

“Explains Catholic principles of interpreting the Bible. Takes the student through the Bible, offering pertinent information about the historical background, author, and literary style of each book. Selects readable passages from each book of the Bible so that the student can become familiar with the whole Bible and understand it as the Word of God.”


Thanks to you both. I actually used Catholic Home Study Services when I first came into the Church and was trying to absorb as much about the Catholicism as possible and they were excellent (I’d forgotten about them).


The studies from Great Adventure by Jeff Cavins are excellent.

I have led these in my home for five years. They are authentically Catholic, not Protestant studies reworked for Catholics.



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