Good book explaining faith?


Any books I can buy my friend who is interested in learning about what the Church teaches/believes and why? I was thinking about that Catholicism for Dummies book. I am reading Hahn’s latest, Reasons to believe but that is aimed towards Catholics.



Catholicism for Dummies is good.

This Is Our Faith is another easy to ready book-- used in a lot of RCIA programs.


thanks I’ll look into it!!:thumbsup:


I agree that Catholicism for Dummies is very good.

Here are some other ideas:

Mass Appeal by Jimmy Akin (small booklet of about 30 pages explaining the Mass)

Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth by Catholic Answers (small booklet of about 30 pages)

Jimmy Swaggert Made Me Catholic by Tim Staples (2 CDs explaining his conversion to the Church and overcoming many of the protestant misconceptions of Catholicism)

The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn (there’s a book and also a DVD/VHS)

Surprised By Truth by Patrick Madrid (several conversion stories; I think there are 3 editions)

Why Do Catholics Do That? by Kevin Orlin Johnson (book)


Friend is a Baptist by the way. Does that cahnge any of the rec. books so far? Open up new rec. ones?


Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on “Romanism” by "Bible Christians"
What Catholics Really Believe
both books are by Karl Keating :smiley:


Catechism of the Catholic Church.
It presents the truths of our faith in a non-argumentative manner.


Yeah the Catechism is kind of a hard read though. Fat book too. I use it as a reference and I could not imagine reading it like I do the scriptures. But then again maybe as a Catholic I should.:confused:


I have great book called The Catholic Way: Faith for Living Today that explains the Catechism without using $30 words, and explains how it applies to us personally, with questions to ponder at the end of each section. :thumbsup:


When I first bought the Catechism, I bought it as a reference book, but was disappointed - material on a particular subject was not all in one article, but scattered thruout. I was ready to relegate it to the back shelf. Thank heavens I decided that, if I wanted to fair in my judgement of it, I really should “read” it - all of it, front to back the way I do non-reference books. I couldn’t believe the difference; it was wonderful.

The book is large - but there are four very distinct divisions. If you ever give one to your friend, you might let them know about the divisions - and that if they read Part One,“The Profession of Faith”, (about 1/3 or the book) they’ll have a very good idea of what our Church believes and teaches.



Since your friend is Baptist and coming from a scripture only background, I would reccomend the book “The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith,” by John Salza. I just finished reading it because I wanted to be a better apologist. Everything the Cathoic Church teaches is based on scripture. Its definitely clear and consise.


There is a book who’s author’s name escapes me however I believe the title is “catholic christianity”. It’s is marketed as an easy to read version of the CCC. Might be something worth flipping through for your friend.

I can’t put my hand on it but it as a lamb on the front cover, tan covers with a red to rust colored 1/2" border around the edge.


Where is that in the Bible? by Patrick Madrid is a great book for your friend to read.


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