Good book for Advent

Can anyone suggest a good book or two for the Advent season? I’ve heard the In Conversation with God series is good, But the whole set is pretty expensive. Any other Ideas for something along the same lines ie. something with daily meditations?

You can buy them separately: . Definitely worth the investment, or ask for it as an early Christmas gift.

Also, Magnificat usually has a good Advent edition. Here is their website: . I know you can get single copies in Catholic bookstores, but I don’t see a way to order a specific issue on their website. (Maybe it’s there and I’m missing it.)

At my church we are doing a bible study with the book called “My Soul Magnifies the Lord” A scriptural journey with Mary by Jeanne Kun… from the Word among us press.

I found it — go to this page and scroll down to “Advent Companion.”


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