Good book for breaking down the Mass?

Can anyone recommend a good book that delves into the history of the Mass and explains why we do what we do in the Mass? Or a website/video if available?

This may be what you are looking for:

The Book of Revelation by St Johm

Here is another one…

I believe there may also be a study guide available.

This is a very good one. Ive read it multiple times.

Here it is with a workbook, Leader’s Guide, and 3 DVDs:

And just the book:

I hope this is what you’re looking for! :slight_smile:

Cheaper at Ignatius Press and we get to support a Catholic company…:slight_smile:

What Happens at Mass by Fr. Jeremy Driscoll.

The one listed above is good too.

The Mass in Slow Motion by Msgr. Ronald Knox

Thanks guys! I’ll check to see if my Church’s library has any of these.

Amost any Daily Missal adds clarity. IMO, especially so for 1962 Missals. Fewer options, clearer sense of fundamentals.

As others mentioned,* A Biblical Walk through the Mass* is an excellent book. The DVD goes along with the book is dynamic. This class has been offered in my parish. About ninety people attended the seminar and all felt the benefit afterwards.

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