Good books about St Ignatius of Loyola?


Hi everyone,
First off, I would like to mention that I think Catholic Answers forums should have two categories on “Church History”, and also maybe “Lives of the Saints”. I often have questions about church history that I do not know which forum category to put in, and this question is about a saint. I don’t know where to put questions such as these.
But my question here is about St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Society of Jesus. Can any of you recommend good books about St. Ignatius about his life, his theology etc, and also about the history and work of the Jesuits? I mostly want to learn about the Saint, but am interested in knowing more about the origin and history of the Order he founded. I borrowed some books from the library but haven’t checked them out yet. Any reading suggestions would be appreciated.
God bless you all. Amen.


For an overall view of the Jesuits and Ignatian spirituality, there’s James Martin’s The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything. It should be readily available in libraries.


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