Good books and resources on Natural Family Planning?


Hi everyone,
I do not really intend to get married or have kids, as I think it is God’s will that I be single. But I want to learn more about Natural Family Planning (NFP) so that I can explain it to married couples I know if they want to know about what the Church teaches about contraception and what is acceptable and what is not. Does anyone know of the best books or other resources that explain NFP and the subjects related to it?
Thanks for any suggestions.
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It is depend on what you want to to know…

The official books on this are catechism, encyclical such as castii conurbinii, humanae vitae; pastoral letters (familiaris consortio), allocutions of pope Pius XII, All this can be found on the Vatican website.
love and responsability, by the future John Paul II (in the late 1950).

For the authors, it is all a question of personal sensibilty.
Dietrich Von Hildebrand had study Catholic sexual theolog, and influenced it deeply.

There is more recent book by famous authors, (Christopher West, for eg, personnally I find he can go too far, but…)

On the medical level there is differents methods, so differents book. I can suggest this site, where you can find information on two methods + morality.

One other theological work that I liked and explain one point of view:


Which methods are you thinking of.


Maybe some Christopher West? It doesn’t have all the beauty of an encyclical but it talks about what is acceptable and what is not.

Good News About Sex & Marriage (Revised Edition): Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching

I’d leave the actual teaching methods to married couples. Our Sympto-Thermal Instructors were a married couple with decades of practicing what they preach and helping people interpret unusual things.


Simcha Fisher’s The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning does not go into the mechanics of how NFP works, but it is a great resource for the emotional and spiritual aspect of discerning parenthood in marriage.

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