Good books for protestants interested in Catholicism?

I have a friend who is a protestant who has expressed a decent amount of interest in the Catholic Church. He has often asked to go to mass, and has been very impressed by what he has seen. That being said, he can be a bit relativistic when it comes to religion, and has often said things like, “people should worship in their own way.” Despite this, he is very open to new ideas, and I think he would be very interested to read any good books that helped to illustrate the difference between protestantism and Catholicism.

Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic by David Currie

Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn

Both of these books are excellent IMO. Both are written by former protestants who converted to Catholicism.

One book that I have recommended in the past is “Catholicism for Dummies”. Written by two priest, it gives complete, concise ( sometimes too concise) answers for the faith. Great index for those quick questions. List is $23.00 so shop around. I have seen it for as low as 7.00.

I recommend 3 books written by Dr. Taylor Marshall, “The Crucified Rabbi”, "The Catholic Perspective of St. Paul’, and “The Eternal City”. Excellent books

any books or CDs or DVDs by Scott Hahn, Stephen Ray and Patrick Madrid…all awesome to read, listen or watch…

“Catholicism for Dummies”.

Catholicism and Fundamentalism

You can find it here at

Radio Replies, by Fathers Carty and Rumble, available in an easy to use online form here:

Also recommend Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly, and Theology for Beginners by Frank Sheed

**the Catholic monk, brother Dimond, totally destroys the heretical arguments of the calvinist in this debate. Here is the link to that debate…

To learn more about brother Dimond, his Monastery and the true teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ, then please visit or **

If you friend is Lutheran, “There We Stood, Here We Stand” I’ve heard to be a good book, speaking to Lutherans (which is rather different than protestants of other communions).


First and foremost, what brand of Protestant is your freind?

What faith tradition were they raised in, or do they identify with?

Certain books, speak to certain practices.

I would not give a Calvinist a book that is written by a convert from Pentecostalism, nor would I give a Lutheran a book written by a evangelical fundamentalist.

Try to seek out authors that are converts from your friends faith tradition first!

Tell us his faith tradition and I’m sure you may get books that are site specific!

God bless!

I think he could best be described as nondenominational. He doesn’t take issue with any main stream Protestant denomination, as he is of the opinion that whatever works for the individual is fine. He does dismiss JW and LDS as being ridiculous though.

Is he a sort of " just me and Jesus" type of guy, where church membership is rendered almost utterly useless?

Is he more along the lines of, confused by the numerous interpretations by Protestantism, and think the Truth can not be known definitively?

Sometimes, you may want to point out continuity in faith. What did the earliest Christian writers say on subjects like the Eucharist, Baptism, …etc

What church/churches in modern day, hold to the tenets of faith of the early Christian

How is divine revelation transmitted?

You can ask reasonable questions, that will get him to think about truth claims, through epistemology.

Hard to recommend a certain book, there are many evangelical converts, but at the core of all converts writings is a longing to know the truth.

Many find the Catholic or Orthodox faith through History, maybe that’s a good place to start!

Since the eucharist is the pinnacle of our faith, start there!

Contrast Ignatius of Antioch writings on the Eucharist, with the Gospel according to St. John in chapter 6, Ignatius studied under John, so he is the most connected historically to John.

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