Good books for "self defense"?

Aside from Bible and the Catechism, what other books are good for “self defense” – not for converting others, but enough so the person that hounds you will let go?

In addition, what’s the difference between the CCC and the Baltimore Catechism?

The Baltimore Catechism is older, is in a Question and Answer format, and I believe is intended to be read and studied by those learning about the faith, whereas the CCC is a good bit harder and may be intended for bishops, pastors, and perhaps catechists.

The old Baltimore Catechisms were written by the US Catholic Bishops in the late 19th/early 20th centuries for the education of children. The Catechism of the Catholic Church was produced at the direction of Pope St. John Paul II in the 1990’s as a teaching guide for the entire Church.

Your best defense may to politely ignore and walk away. Quoting the Bible or Catechism may help you to resist, but will probably not persuade the other person to let go.

On Guard by William Lane Craig is quite good.

But I have to ask, why would you want the person who hounds you to let go?
If they have questions, give them answers :slight_smile:

a) I tend not to say things well. If I know my faith enough, I can provide good answer. I actually used the 6th and 9th comandment in a direct quote and he replied "It’s not adultery, you are not lusting someone’s wife, and even if it is it’s just a story. talk with real people."
b) that person is my cousin, hardcore atheist to the point of being allegic to anything faith related, and actively try to encourage me to have an “active sex life” in a non joking manner, as if it’s a philosophy itself – yet the only people that know about it is my parents. My aunts and my grandmother does not, and I would like to avoid a similar situation during the monthly family dinner.

Quite frankly, if he was just like my married colleague who joke about woman every other line, I would just ignore him. But if he insist it is good and want to act like a Mormon, then I will better explain my faith well, until he decides either to return to the faith (our entire family is baptized and confirmed), or choose not to associate with me.

Spiritual Warfare by Paul Thigpen is a good one. My Priest has a copy, so do I.

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