Good books for those who struggle with same-sex attraction

Any recommendations for good books on this issue? Particularly pertaining to how God heals the wounds and frees the person etc…

Preferably Catholic, though sound books by other Christian authors would be good too.

Note: I do not endorse these books any under circumstance, and I find them to be brainwashing propaganda.

That being said, there’s some on this site here

I hope you find them useful

I’m not sure what to make of your anti-recommendation! But thanks all the same!

I wonder if anyone has any recommendations of Catholic books on this topic?

I did find this book from Ignatius: Battle for Normality:

Here’s another good book:

The Truth About Homosexuality by Fr. John Harvey

You might also check out Dr. Nicolosi’s group NARTH: Dr. Nicolosi is a Counselor and I believe he is Catholic.

Also good is the Catholic apostolate Courage: They deal specifically with what you are asking about. I bet if you contacted them, they could give you some great book recommendations.

Another good book is Beyond Gay by David Morrison.

Link is:

Thanks. Plenty to choose from.

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